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Difference Between Client, Customer, Patron, Guest, Consumer

In English, when we talk about “customer”, we often use the words client, customerpatronguestconsumer. However, we often use them liberally without knowing that they have distinct meanings depending on the context in which they are spoken. This is also a challenge that is not easy for learners to distinguish and use correctly. Let find out the difference between client, customer, patron, guest, consumer Please!


Vocabulary Spelling Meaning For example


/ˈklaɪənt/ Customers, users of consulting services, legal, insurance, …. from experts and professional organizations.

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The lawyer is giving advices to his clients. (The lawyer is giving advice to his clients.)

The party is ready for welcoming guests


Vocabulary Spelling Meaning For example
Consumer(n) /kənˈsuːmər/ Customers, consumers, people who use services or buy goods, in general. The demand of the consumers for using mobile phone to contact is indispensable. (Consumer demand for cell phone usage is inevitable.)

The difference between What is client, customer, patron, guest, consumer?

Client: In this group of words close in meaning, we can notice the difference of client lies in the nature of the customer and the seller. Whereby, Suppliers often have specialized skills to provide customers with intangible products such as legal services, insurance, etc. This semantic distinguishes client with guest (guest or hotel guest); consumer (consumers, in general).The difference in properties also lies in qIn the process of buying and selling, both parties build together until they have a satisfactory product, meeting customer needs. This semantics is different from customer nice patron (not emphasizing the long, professional working process).One point of difference difference between client with customer to be client for personal use only while customer can be an individual or an organization.OLDustomer: Dthanks pure is a person who receives a product or service after payment has been made. Buying behavior happens quickly once (eg: choose goods, services and then pay).

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Even between customer and the supplier has a long term relationship, its meaning also focuses mainly on the individual exchange. This semantics is different from client (above), guest (guest) or consumer (consumers, in general).Besides, customer It can also be an individual or an organization that buys services and goods from a supplier.Patron:Mainly refers to customers who are loyal to, or use the products, or services of a particular store. Patron different from client, guestand more specifically than customer nice consumer.

Guest: EASYto only a person who buys or rents a temporary accommodation for a certain period of timeusually used for hotels. Besides, guest has a different meaning from the other group of words in the meaning of “guest”. It could be a guest at home, at a meeting or a guest speaker at an event. This meaning is different from client, customer, patron or consumer.Consumer:

A generic term that refers to a person who consumes a product or service. We often understand this word in the sense of “consumer”. It is its wide range of meanings that sets consumer apart from words that mean specifically client, patron, guest or even customer.

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Difference between customer and consumer:

To better distinguish these two easily confused words, we can consider the following example. A buffet ice cream shop buys air conditioners from an electronics center to install more for its store (due to hot weather). This means that the Ice Cream shop buys air conditioners for the benefit of its customers. Here, ice cream parlor is considered customer of the Electronics Center, but is not consumer, who will actually use the air conditioning equipment on. However, if a customer go directly to buy an air conditioner from the Electronics Center to bring home to use in their family, then customer it’s a consumer.

To prove the difference between client, customer, patron, guest, consumer really not easy. Hopefully with this article, teachers can help you somewhat in distinguishing and applying it. Wish you all good study!

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