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petition /pi”ti/ noun supplication, supplication application, petition; request (legal) single transitive verb make an application, make a petition; write recommendations for journalize beg, request; requestto petition for something: to ask for something; recommend what?to petition to be allowed to do something: what can i do?
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Collocation Dictionary

petition noun

ADJ. bankruptcy | protest

VERB + PETITION sign | deliver, file, present, send, submit | draw up, get up, launch, organize, raise | support | hear The petition will be heard tomorrow. | grant Her petition for divorce was granted. | dismiss, oppose, reject The district court has opposed the petition by the local electricity company.

PETITION + VERB call for sth, demand sth, urge sth | oppose sth The petitions opposes the closures. | support sth The petition supports the scheme to rebuild the road.

PREP. ~ against We”re getting up a petition against the proposed building plans. | ~ by/from a petition by local residents | ~ for Local government supports the petition for a new hospital. | ~ in favor of a petition in favor of reform

WordNet Dictionary



write a petition for something to somebody; request formally and in writing

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

petitions|petitioned|petitioningsyn.: appeal demand plea request requisition

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