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Some people were quite surprised to hear the question “Why can’t you touch a boy’s throat”? What is so special about this part and so sensitive?

Pharynx is a part of the male body that shows strong masculinity. Perhaps you do not know that, one of the most sensitive and sensory points is the pharynx. The pharynx in addition to helping men become more masculine. They are also closely related to many hormonal factors. Why can’t you touch your son’s throat? This is quite a new topic! But it will be interesting if we learn them in the column Beauty Secrets it’s today!


Why can’t you touch your son’s throat?

✪ Why do men have pharynx? What is pharynx?

Before learning Why can’t you touch your son’s throat?? Let’s learn about the male pharynx!

Let’s learn a little bit about this familiar but strange name! It can be described simply, each stage of a boy’s adulthood is associated with the development of a certain part in a remarkable way. LIVE adolescent, the larynx of men will have a much stronger developed layer than women. In the throat there is a protruding part of cartilage, which is called the pharynx. And they will grow even more in adulthood.

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The pharynx is a bony, cartilaginous lump that surrounds and protects the vocal cords. The large larynx largely determines the size of the pharynx. The size of the larynx increases, the inner vocal folds are also thicker and longer, this we will clearly notice when men pronounce, bass, or rumble.

….. ..So why can’t a boy’s throat be touched? See more!

✔ The legend of the beautiful name “Adam’s apple”

Legend of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit perhaps no longer strange to any of us. However, the story of Pharynx behind them is probably unknown to the majority. That’s when Adam ate the forbidden fruit, in the process of swallowing he got stuck in his throat, from which Adam’s throat swelled up a lump. Since then, people have given the pharynx a beautiful name, which is “Adam’s Apple Piece“.

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So, Do girls have the same pharynx as boys?? The answer is definitely Is not already. The process of hormone development in women does not allow them to grow beyond normal. That’s why female voices are usually higher and softer. It is very rare for women to have a larger than normal pharynx, if so, it may be due to genetics or a large hormonal imbalance.

Answer: Why can’t a son’s throat be touched?

Why can’t you touch your son’s throat?– perhaps many of you do not know?

Scientists over a period of research have shown a close relationship between pharynx size and male hormones. Specifically, the higher the hormone levels in men, the larger the pharynx will be. Touch the pharynx Or just look at them, you can clearly know their size.

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Job Should I touch my pharynx? – To date, there has been no concrete evidence to show their harmful effects! However, the pharynx is a sensitive spot on a man’s body that you should not touch too much, except in the case of “rain clouds”. Some studies show that touching the pharynx can increase the likelihood of wanting to have a man. This is why it is forbidden to touch a boy’s throat.


Sensitive areas of the male body you may want to know: In addition to the pharynx, some sensitive areas that strongly stimulate the male libido that you may need to know are: ears, ear lobes, neck area, palms, chest,…

A woman’s G-spot may be well known to a man, but you can learn more about the hot spots on his body so that both of you can sublimate in love. Thereby, touching the pharynx is also a special point you need to try!


Touch your throat to help your love life more sublime
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Why can’t you touch your son’s throat – The question has been answered

Perhaps through the information above, you have found the answer to the question “Why can’t you touch your son’s throat?“then right? In fact, touching your pharynx does not bring any harm, but you need to know when and with whom you should touch your pharynx! Don’t forget to comment your opinion so that we can discuss this “cool” issue together!


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