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In addition to construction density, the land use coefficient is also a very important indicator to help homebuyers assess the scale of the project. What is the land use coefficient? How to evaluate the quality of the construction through the land use coefficient? Let’s learn about this important indicator with webgiaidap.com in the article below!

What is the land use coefficient?

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The land use coefficient has a great influence on the quality of the building

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Floor Area Ratio (English: Floor Area Ratio/ Coefficient of industrial territory utilization: FRA for short) is the ratio between the total building floor area (Total floor area of ​​the building) minus the area of ​​stairs, voids (elevator cells, technical boxes), roof over the total area of ​​the lot. The land use coefficient is called by different names in many countries, for example: floor space ratio (FSR), floor space index (FSI), site ratio or plot ratio, but the calculation formula remains unchanged.

How to calculate land use coefficient in construction

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Example: You have a house built with an area of ​​​​60m2 and have 6 floors. So the land use coefficient is: 60 x 6/100= 3.6. It can be seen that the land use coefficient FRA is an important indicator to control the number of high floors of the building in the construction land in proportion to the density. construction permits. For homebuyers, this is an extremely important indicator. Because it shows the scale of the project, the investment cost as well as the product generated per m2 of invested land. According to Vietnamese construction standards, the investor must ensure the construction density. does not exceed 40% and the land use coefficient does not exceed 5.0 when designing high-rise houses in new urban areas. See regulations on land use coefficient, Vietnam construction standards 323-2004

Purpose of the land use coefficient

Today, many projects are advertised by investors with low construction density and high green space, making many homebuyers not pay attention to the land use coefficient. If the construction density is low but the land use coefficient is too high, the quality of the works is not guaranteed. This is often hidden by investors. The FRA land use ratio can be used in planning to limit urban density. It has a direct impact on building density limits. And indirectly, this index also limits the capacity of a building. In addition, for urban land, the land use coefficient has a great influence on the value of the land. If a building has a higher LURC (according to planning or regulations for land function) it will allow to build a higher total floor area which increases land value (especially urban land).

What is the land use coefficient in Vietnam?

Currently, in advanced countries such as Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India, there are regulations on land use coefficients for each specific area. However, in Vietnam, planning is currently Currently, there is a lack of control over the land use coefficient. Therefore, the height limits depend a lot on planning ideas or other regulations such as clearance, security and defense. On the other hand, investors and local authorities do not pay attention to the fact that if creating areas with large land use coefficients, they will need technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, services. This is also one of the causes leading to many major problems in controlling urban development according to planning. Even the role of construction management according to planning has also been reduced, relying too much on the impact of the development of independent projects with tools to adjust detailed planning. In addition, our country is There is no unified view on the management of the land use coefficient, so the detailed regulations on calculating the total construction floor area are also vacant. Therefore, this problem needs to be researched and remedied soon and associated with urban development goals to create preferential construction floor functions such as construction floors for open spaces, trees, swimming pools. swim…

Buying a house should look for apartments with low land use coefficient

Thus, for people who go to buy apartments, the lower this index, the higher the quality of each apartment, the lower the population density in that apartment area, leading to a higher quality of life, the users The more beneficial the apartment is. For the investor, the project with a low LURC, the easier it is to find a new investor to build at the end of its life. Because according to the investors’ calculations, when receiving investment to build a new project. In order to ensure that the resettlement site can be arranged for free on-site residents and investors’ profits, the FAR coefficient must be 3 times higher than the old apartment area.

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