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How to say sorry informally and formally in English

In English, people use many different phrases and ways of saying sorry to suit the context and purpose of communication.

Nguyen Suong

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Learn English with 9X teachers through the idioms of 12 animals

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9X teacher Nguyen Thai Duong has just introduced a series of idioms referring to animals in the 12 animals, to help people expand their English.


Learn English with a famous teacher on YouTube

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Famous online teacher Kenny Ng introduces phrases that natives use frequently in the hope of helping young English speakers become more “stylish”.

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Learn English through idioms about weather

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Sometimes, people use idioms instead of long sentences to convey information. Here are some English idioms related to the topic of weather that are used by many people.


Vietnamese family day through English idioms

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How are idioms about family relationships said in English?

Nodding cake is a specialty of which province?

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Vietnamese cuisine possesses a series of different regional specialties from ingredients, shapes, methods to names.


A series of delicious dishes from buffalo meat

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Buffalo meat can be processed into many delicious dishes, including famous local specialties.

A series of delicious dishes to help fight boredom on Tet holiday


In the first days of the year, most families enjoy foods rich in protein and fat. The following street foods with sour and cool flavors are the ideal suggestions for you to change your taste.


What to eat for better luck in the new year?


Each Asian country has traditional dishes for people to enjoy to celebrate the arrival of Tet. These culinary flavors all represent luck and auspiciousness.


Why does the South like apricot blossom, and the North like peach blossom?

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Peach and apricot are indispensable flowers in every Vietnamese family during the Lunar New Year.


What does the custom “buy salt at the beginning of the year, buy lime at the end of the year” mean?

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This is a custom that shows the beauty in the cultural life of Vietnamese people.


Which country people eat long noodles on Lunar New Year?

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Long, uncut noodles are considered a symbol of longevity, along with other dishes expressing wishes for a good and prosperous new year.

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New Year’s Eve Ceremony in the Palace of the Nguyen Dynasty

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The Lunar New Year in the palace of the Nguyen Dynasty was heavily ceremonial. From December 20, the royal court has been busy preparing for Tet.

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