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projection /projection/ noun ejection, ejectionthe projection of a torpedo: the launching of a torpedo (mathematics) projection, projection, projection (cinema) projection protrusion; protrusion; protrusion, protrusiona projection on the surface of the globe: protrusion on the earth’s surface planning, projectingto undertake the projection of a new enterprise: to plan a new business organization manifestation, concrete formation (a thought, an image in the mind)
canonprojection of structural element: projectile (of structural elements) key segmentcabprojection: room projectionhorizontal projection: horizontal projectionoblique projection: oblique projection: orthogonalperspective projection: perspective projection file: projection television file projection television oblique projection axonometric orthogonal projection axonometric projection: azimuthal projection: canonical azimuth projection pillarcentral projection: projection through the centercentral projection:radial projection: circular conformal projection: conical projection: conical projection: isometric projection: radial dimetric projection: dimetric dimetric projection: dimetricdimetric projection: dimetric projection equal-angle projection: orthogonal-angle projection: equidistant projection: equatorial projection: equivalent projection: equivalent projection: fiberfloor projection: horizontal gnomostereo projection: permission gnomo-stereohorizontal projection: horizontal perspective projection: isometric projection: isometric projection: isometric projection: isometric projection map projection: map projection map projection: map projection mercator map projection: mecatonatural projection: oblique axonometric projection: axial projection : parallel perspective map projection: map perspective perspective projection: perspective planimetric projection: area projection polar projection: polar polycomic map projection: polyconic map projection: multi-conicprojection of view: projectionfigureprojection on coordinate axes: projection on coordinate axes surface) bridgestereographic map projection: stereographic projection point projection: water projection: walter projection ledge)projectingplanningprotrusionradiationsprayField: protrusion construction protrusion (of structural member)central projection: axial projection: cylindrical projection: cylindrical projection projection (of structural member)Field: medicine of geometry field: electronics & telecommunications first angle projection method: first angle projection method: projection method projection projection projection projection population projection planing o projection o projection o protrusion projection : azimuth map projection § central map projection circular map projection : circular projection § conical map projection : conical map projection § cylindrical map projection : prism pillar § equal area map projection : co-electrical map projection gnomonic projection : hour-pillar projection § horizontal projection : horizontal projection § Lambert conformal conic map projection : Lambert conic map projection § mercator map projection : mecato projection § perspective map projection : map perspective projection § polyconic map projection : multi-vertex map projection stereographic map projection : stereoscopic map projection
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