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When a wound occurs, blood will escape from the vessel lumen and coagulate through the exogenous coagulation pathway. When an excess of thromboplastin and calcium are added to the blood anticoagulated with citrate, exogenous coagulation is enhanced. The prothrombin time test measures the time from calcium and thromboplastin supplementation to complete blood clotting to assess the activity of the clotting factors that make up prothrombin.

Prothrombin is a protein produced by the liver, so in addition to its role in assessing blood clotting function, this test is also used to monitor patients with vitamin K resistance – an important component of the liver enzyme system synthesis. coagulation factors (including prothrombin).

When do you need a prothrombin time test?


This test should be performed if the patient has unexplained bleeding or bleeding that is not normal.

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Your doctor may order a prothrombin time test to:

Diagnosing liver problemsEvaluate the patient’s blood clotting ability before surgery

Things to be careful of

Is the prothrombin time test dangerous?

To test prothrombin time, the patient will have a blood drawn. Overall, this is a common and safe procedure for most people. However, you may feel slight pain or bleeding and bruising at the site where the blood sample was taken. In more rare cases, some risks may occur such as:

Fainting Losing a lot of blood Skin infection

Implementation process

The information provided is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Always consult your doctor.

Before getting into work

The prothrombin time test requires no special preparation. However, if anticoagulants are used, the patient should have a blood sample taken before taking the dose of the day.

While doing

A doctor, nurse, or technician will take a sample of the patient’s blood for testing. The most common site for a blood draw is from a vein in the inner elbow or on the back of the hand.

In some cases, the person may not need to have blood drawn with a needle. Instead, the patient will have blood drawn from the tip of the finger. This technique is usually quicker and less painful, and requires less blood.

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After doing

The blood sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis. Once the results are available, your doctor may order additional tests to:

Assess liver function if liver problems are suspected

Results of the test

What are the results of the prothrombin time test?

For people taking anticoagulants

Most labs return INR adjusted results (the international standard for this test result). In healthy people, a reading of 1.1 or less is considered normal. People taking anticoagulants should have an INR between 2.0 and 3.0. For some people at high risk of blood clots, the INR needs to be higher – around 2.5 – 3.5. When the INR is above the recommended range, the blood clots more slowly than desired, and vice versa, a lower INR means the blood clots more quickly than desired.

For those who don’t take anticoagulants

In this case, the reference range depends on the method used, with results measured in seconds and relative to the established normal range, maintained by the conditions of the laboratory where the test was performed. . A larger number of seconds means the blood is taking too long to form a clot, which is often caused by conditions like liver disease, vitamin K deficiency, or a clotting factor deficiency (such as vitamin K deficiency). VII).

Blood that clots too quickly can be caused by:

Take supplements or eat foods that contain vitamin K

If you have any questions, consult your doctor for the best treatment support.

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