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Although the (pseudo) first-order kinetics can describe afterripening of red rice, they probably reveal only a synthesis of several component processes.

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The phonetic analysis further bolstered the hypothesis that he added -ed endings according to a pseudo-suffixation strategy.
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What characteristics distinguish scientific endeavor that seeks an understanding of the fundamental biology of human aging from quackery and pseudo-science ?
Having examined unto them, however, he invariably finds them real and fights them with pseudo-kabbalistic spells, a rubber outfit, and dangerously overloaded vacuum tubes.
It does not follow, however, that a domain equipped with a pseudo-complement operation is definitely downward-closed.
The target moved pseudo-randomly during two segments of each trial, whereas the other segment was the same throughout the four sessions.
Furthermore, several of his incorrect responses for novel verbs had -ed endings that contained a pause before the -ed ending, consistent with a pseudo-suffixation strategy.
Clearly, these semicircles form a collection of pseudo-segments, that is, each pair of them intersects at most once.
To remedy interterrater variation, one might send teams of trained observers as pseudo-patients to each of the selected physicians.
The order of the trials was mixed pseudo-randomly, so that no target or competitor was allowed to appear twice consecutively.

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someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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