What is public administration?

If you are a person who regularly watches the news, reads newspapers or articles on the internet, then surely you are no longer strange to the word “public administrative service”, right? However, did you really understand What is a public administrative service? not yet? If not, don’t miss the article below!

What is a public administrative service?

Public administrative services are services related to law enforcement activities of the State, not for profit and granted by competent state agencies to organizations and individuals in the form of documents. The document has legal validity in the field under the management of that state agency.

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Each public administrative service usually associated with a certain administrative procedure, which has the function of helping to complete a specific job related to a certain organization and individual.


What is the concept of public administrative service?

What is administrative reform? The contents of administrative reform in Vietnam

What is the difference between a private administrative service and a public administrative service?

About operational goals

Public administrative services operate not for profit, but mainly for public purposes and the interests of the community. Meanwhile, private administrative services operate mainly for profit purposes, bringing benefits to organizations and individuals.

Legal basis

Public administrative services need to comply with extremely complicated legal procedures, must follow a procedural order prescribed by law, and must not be destroyed. Therefore, it is always rigid, bureaucratic, slow, and has low operational efficiency.

As for the private administrative service, it is also subject to certain rules. However, it has much more flexibility and flexibility than public administration. The procedure is also simpler and easier to carry out.

Size of the organization

The size of public administrative service based on certain principles, on a large scale, which can cover the whole society or a large field. But the private administration has a more flexible scale, depending on the organization that applies a reasonable scale.

Operational Finance

Public administrative services are funded by the State budget. Meanwhile, the private administration uses its own budget as well as profits from the production and business process.

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From the concept and analysis of the difference between public administrative services and private administration. Surely readers have mastered the definition What is a public administrative service? then isn’t it? In addition, public administrative services in Vietnam also have basic characteristics different from public administrative services of other countries in the world. To know more about that, you should not miss the next part of the article!

Basic types of public administrative services in Vietnam

Licensing activities Activities granting certifications Granting practice certificates and business licenses Activities collecting contributions to the state budget and funds

What are the characteristics of public administrative services in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, public administrative service have characteristics associated with distinct types, specifically:

1. The provision of public administrative services is always associated with the authority of State administrative agencies

The provision of public administrative services is always associated with the authority of State administrative agencies. It carries legal power associated with the activities of state administrative agencies. For example, in the issuance of birth certificates and people’s identity cards; notarization, administrative handling and sanctioning, inspection, administrative inspection… These types of services can only be performed by state administrative agencies.

2. Public administrative services in service of State management activities

In fact, the nature of public administrative services does not belong to the house management function, but these services serve the state management function. Public administrative services operate to serve the needs of the people, but these needs and requirements do not come from their own needs, but arise from the regulations of the State. for better state management.

3. Public administrative services operate not for profit

Was public administrative service then in any country, including Vietnam, they also operate for non-profit purposes. Therefore, revenues in the form of fees and charges are remitted into the State budget. Those revenues are not intended to compensate for the loss of labor for service providers, but mainly to create fairness between service users and non-service users.

4. All citizens have equal rights in accessing and using public administrative services

All subjects accessing and using public administrative services have the same rights and are treated equally as subjects of the State’s services. The State has the responsibility and obligation to provide services to best serve all people, regardless of what kind of person they are.

Thus, the providing public administrative services is the responsibility and obligation of the state towards society, demonstrating the role of the state towards people and organizations in society. That is why the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is always looking for solutions to reform public administrative services in order to best serve the needs of the people as well as improve the operational efficiency of the State.

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Situation and some measures to improve public administrative services in Vietnam

Status of public administrative services in Vietnam

Achievements: In recent years, our state has paid special attention to the renovation and improvement of the quality of public administrative services. Consider it as an important stage in the reform program towards the professional and modern administration. We have well applied information technology and electronic means to perform public administrative services such as: business registration, issuance of people’s identity cards, investment licensing, review and eliminate unnecessary administrative procedures, streamline payroll, merge administrative units… Limitations: Beside the achieved results, public administrative services in Vietnam still exist inadequacies. : There are many administrative procedures, legal documents on administrative procedures are complicated, the service provision process is cumbersome, going through many levels. Information on procedures and processes for performing public administrative services has not been made public, transparent, and disseminated to the entire population. The decentralization and assignment of public service delivery has not really been promoted. The professional capacity of service providers is limited. Inequality and discrimination still exist…

Measures to improve public administrative services in Vietnam

Continue to improve the functions and tasks of the authorities at all levels. To step up the review and reform of administrative procedures. Create a favorable environment to meet the legitimate needs of the people and for production and business. Improve the professional capacity of the administrative staff by training and fostering. Publicizing information on procedures (papers, forms) time, fee, settlement process according to regulations on performing public administrative services for the people to grasp and implement effectively and quickly. Promote the people’s mastery ideology and actions of the system of state administrative agencies on the sense of serving the people. Strictly handle acts of harassment, irresponsibility and trouble for people in the process of administrative management.

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