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PubMed is an online library often used by scientific researchers and students as a tool to look up documents (including Vietnam). This article is intended to help students and scientists who are not yet familiar with technology to learn what pubmed is, how to find and guide to use pubmed correctly and effectively.

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What is PubMed?

PubMed known as a free database, accessed primarily through databases MEDLINE for references and summaries on life science and biomedical topics. The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the US National Institutes of Health maintains a database that is part of the Entrez information access system. PubMed was first released in January 1996.

PubMed National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), part of NLM (National Library of Medicine), located at NIH (National Institutes of Health). United States) builds and maintains .


PubMed identifier or PMID: is a unique number assigned to each record PubMed. Level one job PMID nice PMCID for a publication cannot tell the reader anything about the type or quality of the publication’s content. PMIDs are issued for letters to the editor, editor comments, op-ed columns, and any sections the editor chooses to include in the journal, as well as peer-reviewed articles. . Nor is this identifier proof that the articles were not withdrawn due to fraud, incompleteness, or error. The notice to edit the original article may be granted PMID.

PubMed . User Manual

Search Guide

Keyword Search: Identify key search terms: Examples The role of pain in sleep disorders The key concepts are: pain, sleep disorders.Enter a word (ie key concept) in the search box.Click Go. Click it to conduct a PubMed search.Search by author

Enter the author’s last name along with the initials, without a period, in the search box and click Go.

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Example: Watson JD Lederberg J .If you only know the author’s last name, use the author namespace label , TD. Brody.

Example: To find articles written by Bonnie Ramsey on gene therapy for patients with cystic fibrosis, enter the following search terms into the search box: cystic fibrosis gene therapy ramsey bw. The full name of the author can be used to find citations after 2002 if the article has this full title. Examples: Joshua Lederberg, Garcia Algar, Oscar

Search by journal title Enter the journal title or journal abbreviation in the box search.Add words additional search.Click Go.

Example To find articles on drosophila in the journal Molecular Biology of the Cell, enter the following search box: molecular biology of the cell drosophila

Find a specific quote

I have some information such as author name, journal title and year of article published, so how do I search through such information.

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Use Single Citation Matcher to find citations with the form to fill out: 1. Click Single Citation Matcher from the PubMed sidebar > 2. Enter the information you have in the boxes to fill out > 3. Click Go.

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