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rails /reil/ noun handrails (stairs, railings…); balustrades, railings, citadel (piers…); shield (ox cart…) fence, (plural) barricade fence (railway industry) railway track, railroad trackoff the rails: derailment; (figuratively) chaos, confusion; broken, not running well (machine…)to go by rail: go by train (architecture) crossbeam (house) rotating rack (for towels…)thin as a rail cause like a stick transitive verb make handrails for, make handrails for paled; fence aroundto rail in (off) a piece of ground: fence off a piece of land send (goods) by train; travel by train lay rails noun (zoology) water chicken journalize curse, slander, slanderto rail at (against) someone: curse someoneto rail at fate: self-pity
suspension bleeding rail: suspension system separating bloodconveyor rail: suspension unit for conveying meatdressing rail: suspension for mixing meatfloating rail: movable suspension for cutting meat trundle overhead rail: sling (for storing ham)retaining rail: sling for storing meattribbing rail: sling for slicing trout revolving skinning rail: carcass hooking sticking rail: bloodstorage rail: meat storage hanger railbleeding rail hanger: roofless rail hanger: featherex cleaning transfer rail: delivery price at railrail age: age of railrail inspection: tracking by rail: by railcarriage by rail: by railcarriage by rail: by railfree on rail: by rail : Rail transportation and by air, rail and ocean: rail and ocean freight, rail and truck: rail and truck, rail and truck: rail and truck, rail and waterway: rail and waterway, rail carrier: road carrier railrail transport: rail transportshipped by rail: rail transporttransport by rail: rail transporttransport goods by rail: rail freight rail conveyor conveyor belt split meatex rail delivery at the train stationfree on rail toaglide-down rail inclined rail (to lower the meat). grading rail hanging rail (for grading meat)gravity rail inclined railjoint rail and water transportationhydraulic interlockingjump railsuspension rail (for selecting meat)ocean and rail intercontinental railgaon rail delivery at toaover ship”s rail via railing train o rail, railway, railroad track o handrail, handrail § cogged rail : cog rail § guard rail : guardrail, safety fence § hand rail : handrail § slide rail : slide rail, scroll bar


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Collocation Dictionary

rail noun

1 bar

ADJ. guard, safety | curtain, picture, towel hot towel rails | altar, balcony, banister

VERB + RAIL grip, hold on to, lean on She held tightly on to the rail. | from Lace curtains hung from the brass rails over the bed. | fit, fix

PREP. on a/the ~ She sat on the rail. | over a/the ~ He folded the towel over the rail.

2 (usually rails) tracks

VERB + RAIL run along/on ~ Trams run alog rails.

PREP. along (the) ~s The train thundered along the rails. | between the ~ Weeds grew between the rails. | off the ~s The train came off the rails. | on (the) ~s The gun is mounted on rails.

3 railway systems

RAIL + NOUN fare, ticket | network modernizing the rail network | route | timetable | service | connection, line, link the Channel Tunnel rail link | journey | commuter, passenger, traveler, user | transport, travel | traffic | freight | bridge | accident, crash, disaster | employee, staff, worker | union | enthusiast

PREP. by ~ We went from London to Budapest by rail.

WordNet Dictionary


short for railway

he traveled by rail

he was concerned with rail safety

a horizontal bar (usually of wood)any of many widely distributed small wading birds of the family Rallidae having short wings and very long toes for running on soft mud


provide with rails

The yard was railed

convey (goods etc.) by rails

fresh fruit are railed from Italy to Belgium

lay with rails

hundreds of miles were railed out here

fish with a handline over the rails of a boat

They are railing for fresh fish

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File Extension Dictionary

DeckTools Custom Railing Design (DeckTools)

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

rails|railed|railingsyn.: fulminate inveigh rail in rail off railing rails revile track train vilify vituperate


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