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What is Resell? It’s been a long time since reselling isn’t a new concept to anyone who loves shoes. Even this market is expanding and selling becomes a livelihood for many people. Along with this strong development, is it killing the love of shoe collectors?

The initial “resell” was like an exchange in circulation, simply a small act of shoe owners and shoe lovers together. However, with the strong development of the shoe-loving community and increasing demand, this is the foundation for the “resale” market to form.

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Rare, limited editions that were sought after by the entire community are now slowly losing their original meaning. For example, the extremely hot Air Jordan 1 x Dior pair currently has a retail price of $2,200 but has now increased 10 times. The huge profit from reselling shoes is a lucrative bait for anyone who wants to jump in.

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However, from the perspective of shoe lovers, it seems that owning such a rare pair of shoes has become too far away. Direct release is boring with long lines of people jostling, to buy is less but to resell is abundant. Publishing online, even if you stay up all night, it is still not as sensitive as the bots that are pounded by the reseller to run.

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Now, as long as there is enough money, it is no longer necessary to watch to copy your favorite shoes or wait for hours to hit the next goal in your collection. This has indirectly led to frustration as well as excitement when owning a limited edition is no longer meaningful as before. Reselling isn’t bad, but every problem has two sides. And in this Shoesgame, it seems to be losing quality when sneakerheads give way to real “rich kids” in this unequal race.

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