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reset /”ri:”set/ transitive verb reset, reassemble (a part of a machine, etc.) bundle (broken bone)to reset a broken: bind up a broken bone re-sharpen (a tool); tension (spring…) verb hoarding (stolen goods…)
reservoir reset reset cycle reset: cycle reset hardware reset: reset hardware manual reset: manual reset program reset: program reset reset action: action reset action: reset zero reset button: reset button reset condition: condition reset confirmation packet: reset confirmation packet reset knob: reset knob reboot condition reset cycle: reset cycle reset key: reset key reset key: reset knob softsystem reset: system reset reset manual reset: manual reset soft reset: soft reset soft reset: hot reset reset button: reset button reset knob: reset knob reset mode: reset mode reset pulse: reset pulse system reset: system reset reset button: reset button reset mode: reset mode system reset: reset system back to zeroFinance: math & news zero resetting zero initialization Field: power reinstalling Explain VN: General terms for getting ready to go back to work. The amplifiers do not require resetting. In addition to turning the timer or counter back on. The reset can be automatic or by an external signal at an arbitrary time.counter reset button reset button (a password)reset band signalreset band signalreset band signalreset band signalreset band signal reset ribbon reset button
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