What is savings deposit?

There is no denying the importance of banking in our modern life today. It is the place where our currency is stored, helping us to profit from the money available and lending us money when needed. That’s why people often like it deposit money in the bank goods for safety. Banks today have many different forms of deposit, including bank savings deposits. So what is a savings deposit and what are the characteristics of a savings deposit? Let’s find out with the following article of webgiaidap.com!

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1 Concept of savings deposit
2 Features of savings deposit
2.1 Deposits with a specific time
2.2 Savings deposit earns interest
2.3 Savings deposits are managed through passbooks
2.4 Stable and safe savings deposit
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The concept of savings deposit

Saved money, generally also a form of bank deposit. Users have many different reasons and needs when depositing money in a bank. In particular, in terms of purposes, bank deposits are divided into two types: payment deposits and savings deposits. True to the consumer’s purpose, savings deposits have the main purpose of saving. That is, this is a certain amount of money left over for savings or investment, not suitable for personal spending and payments. Users always want to get a profit from this deposit.

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Features of savings deposit

Deposits have a specific time

Normally when conducting a savings deposit, users will be able to choose a deposit term (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, …). The last day of each term is called the maturity date, the user will receive a sum of money after sending it to the bank on this date. Of course, savings don’t always have a term, you can still choose the form of demand and can pay off at any time.

Savings deposit earns interest

Interest rate is the key factor to attract customers in saving deposit. Currently, in general, banks maintain an average interest rate of 7% for a 12-month term. Specifically, features send long-term savings webgiaidap.com online for an interest rate of 7.4%/year for a 1-year term. If you deposit for a long enough time, you will also get a decent amount in return. Savings interest rates include two types: term interest rates (applicable to term savings) and term savings interest rates. non-term interest rate (applicable to term savings).

The demand rate will normally be lower than the term interest rate. In general, the profit you get from savings is not high, but it is stable and less risky than some other investment industries such as securities and real estate.

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Savings deposits are managed through a passbook

Saving is one of the common tools of the bank to manage your savings account. Therefore, the user must be responsible for preserving this savings for good. You should also regularly check on personal information, the amount of savings recorded in the book to make sure.

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Stable and safe savings deposit

In general, saving is a fairly secure form of investment. Savings deposit is not too strict, such as insurance, but it is enough to give you peace of mind when you have a deposit from the bank. This is a quick, simple way to send money for those who don’t want to leave their money “dead”.


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