What is Scp-6789 siren head

In recent years, Siren Head has become the name of many horror game players – a creepypasta legend that is said to be the “next generation” of Slender Man.

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The Siren Head, or megaphone monster, has become a popular urban legend in recent years, joining the creepypasta world alongside Slenderman or Jeff the Killer. Siren Head is said to have many similarities with Slenderman, but is much more terrifying and mysterious.

The Siren Head is a monster over 10 meters tall, with its head holding two loudspeakers instead of a face. According to urban legend, the sound coming from the Siren Head’s head is extremely difficult to hear, be it strange music, weird radios, emergency sirens, even police radios or other things. human conversation. In addition, it can also emit the final dying sounds of the victim it targets.


Like some monsters like the Wendigo, the Siren Head can mimic the voices of a loved one to seduce its victims. In addition, because of its long slender body and wood-like surface, many people mistake it for trees. Siren Head’s favorite areas are desolate locations such as forests, and its victims are often lone climbers.


Siren Head and Slenderman are quite similar in appearance – many creepypasta fans wonder what would happen if the two monsters accidentally clashed.

Some Creepypasta sources claim that Siren Head is SCP 6789 – one of the supernatural entities guarded by a fictional organization called SCP. The author behind this mystical monster is Trevor Henderson. Siren Head first appeared on the artist’s profile as a photo, along with an accompanying story:


“A woman was in the car with her husband on vacation when they both saw a deserted cemetery on the side of the road. Amidst the graves, a tall pillar like an electric pole stands tall, lost, like an art statue abandoned by the roadside. Just as she and her husband stopped the car and contemplated this strange sight, one side of the pillar’s loudspeaker began to scream like an announcement in tumultuous tones, with words that made no sense at all. The other speaker also began to roar, its entire old iron frame starting to vibrate and move. In a flash, it was starting to run down the hill and towards them.”

Siren Head’s photo is widely circulated on social networks. This weird megaphone has appeared everywhere, from Tik Tok, fan art, game mods and even Fallout 4. Hendersen has successfully created another creepypasta craze on the internet, alongside the bizarre characters. as weird as Cartoon Cat and Long Horse.

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Siren Head also became the name of a game by Modus Interactive on the Itch.io platform. This urban legend has been brought to life in a survival horror game in which you will have to play as a ranger searching for a lost climber on a forest trail. The player will have to follow a path strewn with bloodstains, until a clearing in the woods and discover the remains of a victim killed by Siren Head.

Another game of the same name belongs to UndreamedPanic, which brings fear more real and terrible by the scenes in the turbulent darkness. In addition, Siren Head is also included in the mod mode in the game Fallout 4, bringing horror beyond imagination. Every time it appears in different games, Siren Head gives a haunting impression by terrible sounds at different frequencies, from radio interference to sirens.

Although just a fictional character, but Siren Head has become one of the creepypasta that will make you “paranoid” every time you go through the deserted mountains. Hopefully in the future, urban legend fans and gamers will see more of the nightmares of artist Trevor Henderson come true.

Readers can discuss and exchange more about the movie as well as other horror works atTHIS.

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