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Nowadays, we often hear the phrase “the guy eats snails, the guy pours the shell, the guy makes the dipping sauce” This sentence is derived from the tree saying “eat the shelled snail”, so today we will learn about the meaning of areca said. Here’s a funny dialogue between the two characters “Keo” and “Column”


What is eating shellfish?

Literal meaning: Mr. A eats snails, but Mr. B has to go and close the shells created by Mr. A

Think ball: Girl B is pregnant with Brother A but Mr. A does not marry, the girl finds a Brother C to marry or forces Mr. C to accept that the pregnancy was created by her.

The above explanation is not very close to reality, please see the dialogue below to better understand the meaning of this sentence.

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Funny dialogue between Hands and Columns

Pillar: Do you know what kind of guy WINDOWS is?

Bets: Easy! The guy who dumped the shell is the guy who eats it, he can’t eat it, but when he cleans up the waste, he has to.

Pillar: True but not true!

Bets: If it’s right, it’s right, if it’s not, it’s not. What’s wrong with both right and wrong?

Pillar: So there it is!

Bets: Well, don’t be shy, general. Say it out loud?

Pillar: Okay! But you have to respect this as a master to say this.

Bets: Yeah… well, master! It’s a swashbuckler!

Pillar: Yes, “the guy who dumps the shell is the guy who can’t eat but has to clean up the waste”. But that’s “old time”, “ancient hybrid hy”.

Bets: You keep saying that, when is it not?

Pillar: So how? Every time is different. In modern times, everything is modern. The modern-day dumpster is still a LARGE EAT, but he’s a LONG EAT, LONG EAT, BIG EAT, BIG EAT!…

Bets: This guy said something new… In the past, the old people taught: “eat the meal first, .. “, the person who eats later, what else is there to “eat chewy”, “eat long”, then “eat big”, “eat a lot”. dark”?..

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Pillar: “Eat the feast”, the person who eats later has nothing left, luckily there is a little leftover rice soup. But eating public’s food, the more he eats later, the bigger he eats, eats big, eats boldly… Because he learns from the “precious” experience of the former!

Bets: Ah so!

Pillar: So calling this guy “master”, correct?

Bets: Standard! Please pay respects to the master.


Pillar: Not all. “DUCK DRAW” is still a fashion fad right now. It’s actually the FAVORITE FATE of quite a few guys!

Bets: “FATE FOR DEVELOPMENT”?!. It sounds terrible. Then what about cultural culture?!.

Pillar: PROFESSIONAL CULTURE but what culture! You’re a country boy! Don’t you see your boss’s first child… the exact same face as our superior boss?

Bets: Alike! Like… “copy of the original”! For a long time in the office, everyone has commented like that.

Pillar: It’s correct! You are so right! However, it’s not just about our agency…

Bets: Then…sprung!.. Oh! In this tumultuous time, things like that are not rare, not an isolated case?!..

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Pillar: That’s right. Hey, I said:…It seems… the son of our own superior boss is also…?!…

Bets: Ah!… You want to say… The face of the eldest son of the superior head, looks exactly like the face… the house of the superior comrade, right?.. Too precise, no doubt!

Pillar: So that’s it!… It turns out that life seems to have an unwritten principle: My son is like my boss, my boss’s son is like my boss’s boss, my boss’s son is like…

Bets: (Pushes your mouth with both hands) Shut up your mouth right now or you will say something wrong one day!… Don’t make too much of an inference… You know where it’s going, unless you no longer want to live peacefully with your wife. with you again?!.

Pillar: Even if you say that, you’ll keep your mouth shut!… Well, let’s say it like this: THIS guy blames THAT guy, THAT guy blames THAT guy, THAT guy blames THAT guy, THAT guy blames THAT guy…

Bets: You can’t, you can’t say that!…That’s defaming that official. Lies!… (Chase to silence Column… Two characters Cheo and Pillar disappear)

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