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Drop Shipping (or Drop Ship) is an English term, according to the dictionary, it is a delivery that omits shipping. Very simply, you do not need to buy and store goods like an agent, the transportation of goods to consumers is done by partners. This model is very famous in the world. For example, the famous computer company Dell also has a line to expand its business network around the world through Drop Shipping. Agents registered to do Drop Shipping just need to do online marketing to find customers, when they order products, you transfer the order to Dell for delivery and commission for you. As a result, those salespeople never see the product or handle it.

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Comprehensive customer interaction and management platform

The biggest difference between Drop Shipping and other retail models is that merchants sell without a warehouse or without inventory. Instead, these merchants buy inventory as needed from a 3rd party – usually wholesalers or manufacturers – to fulfill their orders.

This model has a number of benefits and limitations as follows:



No capital required: Perhaps the biggest advantage of Drop Shipping is that you can start an online business without having to invest a large amount of money in inventory. If you do business in the traditional form, you will have to lose a small investment for inventory.

With the Drop Shipping model, you won’t have to buy any products unless you’ve already sold the item and the customer has paid. Without the cost of inventory, you can start a successful dropshipping business with very little capital.

Easy to get started: Starting an online business is often easier when you don’t have to deal with physical goods. With Drop Shipping, you don’t have to worry about:

Manage or pay for inventoryPack and ship ordersTrack inventory on booksProcess returns and inbound shipmentsContinually order products and manage inventory levels

Low cost: Since you don’t have to deal with inventory purchasing and inventory management, your management costs will be quite low. In fact, many successful drop shipping businesses are setting up a home office with just a laptop and spending less than $100 per month. As you grow, these costs can increase but are still less than traditional businesses.

Flexible locations: A drop shipping business can go anywhere with an Internet-connected device. As long as you can communicate with your suppliers and customers easily, you can start and manage your business.

Product Type Selection: Because you don’t have to spend money on the items you sell, you can offer a wide range of products to your potential customers. If the supplier hosts a catalog of goods, you can list them all on your website for free.

Easy to scale: With a traditional sales business, if you want to get 3 times more sales that means you will have to put in 3 times more time and effort than usual. By leveraging dropshipping providers, most of the additional order processing work will be handled by these suppliers, which allows you to scale up your sales with minimal effort. for this increase in sales. Revenue growth will always bring more work – especially when it comes to customer service – but a drop shipping business is more relative than a traditional online business.

All of the above benefits make dropshipping an attractive business model for both newbies and established merchants. Unfortunately, drop shipping isn’t all about roses and rainbows, all this convenience and flexibility comes at a price.

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Low profit: Low margins are the biggest downside to a highly competitive drop shipping business environment. Because it is so easy to get started and the investment and operating costs are minimal, many merchants will set up a store and sell bargain items in an effort to increase sales. They invested very little to start the business so they could afford to operate with low turnover.

Yes, merchants often have poor and low quality websites to serve their customers, but that doesn’t stop customers from comparing the prices of the products you sell. This fierce competition will quickly destroy the right margins. Luckily, you have many ways to mitigate this problem by choosing the right forms for the drop shipping model.

Inventory issues: If you stock all your goods, it is very simple to keep track of what items are in stock or out of stock, but when you have sourcing from different warehouses, also ordering from many other merchants, you It will be difficult to keep track of where your goods are. While there are a few ways you can better sync your inventory with your suppliers, these solutions are not always possible and not all vendors support. technology for you.

Complicated shipping: If you work with multiple suppliers the products on your website will be sourced from different suppliers – this makes your shipping more complicated.

If a customer places an order with 3 products from different suppliers, you will incur 3 shipping costs for each product sent to the customer, but you will probably have a hard time asking the customer to pay shipping for these 3 products because customers often take it for granted that you bear the shipping costs. And even if you want to charge for shipping per product, it can be difficult to automate these calculations.

Error from supplier: Have you ever blamed something that wasn’t your fault, but you still have to accept responsibility for those mistakes?

Even the best dropshipping providers make mistakes when completing an order – mistakes for which they will be held accountable and apologetic. Mediocre and poor quality suppliers will cause endless frustration with loss, damage and poor packaging, which will hurt your business.

So is this model worth implementing?

As I warned at the outset, dropshipping is not a perfect model or a free way to build a successful business. This model has certain advantages but comes with some complex problems that you need to deal with.

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The good news is that with carefully crafted and thorough planning, most problems can be solved and shouldn’t stand in the way of you building a successful drop shipping business.

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