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How to make extremely delicious silver xiu secret for connoisseurs. And this drink was originally iced milk coffee made in the Chinese style, with a lot of milk and less coffee. Let’s learn how to make silver fu with Vietblend super simple and delicious under the following article.

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What is silver faint?

The word “bac Xiu” is an abbreviation of the phrase “silver bau xiu phe”, this is a fairly common Chinese language living in Saigon. Silver is white, bleach is empty glass, faint is a little bit, phe is coffee. To put it more clearly and literally, it is: Hot milk with a little coffee.


Condensed milk mixed with boiling water is a bit too fatty and has a bad smell, so those Chinese people added a little coffee to make the milk smell like coffee and drown out the smell of condensed milk. Gradually, Vietnamese guests got used to the dish and how to call it, from then on, using that name to name the dish became a trend later.

How to mix ice silver:


150 ml whole fresh cow’s milk2 teaspoons condensed milk1 teaspoon black


Step 1: Heat fresh milk and use a spoon to stir it so that the milk does not freeze

Step 2: Pour condensed milk into the hot fresh milk and stir well

Step 3: Put a little black coffee in a glass of milk and stir well

Step 4: Use a spatula.

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Step 5: Put the crushed ice into the cup and slowly pour the whipped coffee milk into the ice-covered cup.


That’s it, you have completed yourself a very delicious cup of silver custard. What you need to pay attention to is that the ratio of ingredients is correct to avoid the silver sump from being too sweet or too bitter.

Not only how to make Bac Xiu but also many other drinks that Vietblend shares with you the recipe to make at home. However, in order to have a standard drink or want to do business with these drinks, you should attend a professional bartending course to fully equip yourself with the knowledge and skills of mixing. When participating in the bartending course at Vietblend, the instructors not only train you with available recipes but also teach you the basics of how to combine ingredients together to create new drinks. .

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