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Sky in recent years is widely used among young people. Besides the English meaning of this term, is there any other meaning? Let’s find out what is Sky? Origin of the word Sky.

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What is Sky?

Sky is an English term that means “Heaven/sky”. Sky is pronounced /skaɪ/, the noun form.

Example of the word Sky:

Look at the sky = “Look at the sky”The sky is ahead = “Ahead is the sky”What a cloudy sky! = “It’s too cloudy!”

However, in this article, we will introduce readers to one more aspect of the word Sky. It is not simply a word to name “sky” like in the English-Vietnamese dictionary that you still learn in school.

Sky – the real meaning young people use

If Army is a term used to call BTS’s fans, Sky is a term to refer to a powerful “army” that loves singer Son Tung MTP (Vietnam). Only in the past 2 years, when it comes to the word Sky, every teen understands that it is a fan of Son Tung MTP.

Note: Son Tung MTP is a male singer born in 1994, originally from Thai Binh, currently he has the largest fan base in Vbiz world. Of course, to get this achievement, he must be a really talented and good person. All of his current songs have become top trending on Youtube.

Origin of the name Sky


Who created the name Sky to call fans of Son Tung? I’m sure a lot of people are wondering about this. Few people know that the name Sky appeared very early, from the time when Son Tung had not become a singer “thousands of people love” like today. From the time when “the rain passed” he had very few fans.

In fact, the name Sky was invented by a friend with the nickname Trang Ha Lo – she was only 14 years old at that time from Lang Son, and now she is a student at the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda, still a Fan. Tung’s number 1. During the premiere, singer Son Tung also wanted to call a name for those who love and admire him. And two names were given: M-Tp FS (My love Talent Perfect Fans) and the name Sky MTP (meaning sky / MTP stands for the first 3 letters: Music, Talent, Style), Everyone used to have temporary stage names when they were young, and when they grow up, they will become great. It was singer Son Tung who chose Sky to call his fans. At first, because he was not famous, he added his stage name behind, only after the last 1-2 years when his popularity was high did he quit. MTP stage name behind Sky.

This young singer often says that “Sky is the sky, only you have Tung, so you are Tung’s sky…” This shows that he always respects and loves any fan. which is his grave.

Are the Skys also hated by other fandoms?

If you love young music, you update the news about modern music styles, you will certainly find Sky is a powerful army in the V-pop world. Currently, the sky is always labeled with the label “young buffalo”, “ox child”, IS of Vpop”. So why is Sky getting hate?

– Skys often have the move to curse other groups with very vulgar words, including EXO, Bigbang, BTS, and GOT7 who used to be the victims.

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– There are many Skys who are so “young” that they pretend to be Armys to curse BTS. This is one of the uncultured acts, lack of knowledge, so many other fandoms don’t like the sky.

– Not all, but there are many subjects who still make excuses, scrutinize the stories of other groups to smear and lower their image. Especially for today’s top popular music groups and singers. Although, the love for Son Tung is sincere, but the behavior is very lacking in “salt”.

– Many people also think that the sky is a reactionary community because they just like to follow the crowd, but do not find out what is really going on. They like to clear their throats and criticize other fandoms for not doing anything.

– Always swearing at K-pop fans so badly, even though they don’t do anything to hurt their idols, and are not competitive in V-pop.

– Willing to put in effort, willing to put in effort regardless of the consequences if there is any movement that affects even a small amount to his idol. This is a proof that the sky is hyperactive, ignorant, and very dangerous.

Although they have a large number of Japanese fans in Vpop, their way of expressing their love sometimes becomes too exaggerated that many other fandoms don’t like the sky, the more they lose their image of their idols. .

The Skys are still loved by their idols

Although there are many people who do not like and talk about their fans, Son Tung MTP still loves and “pampers” his friends with the most enthusiasm. And of course that affection is increasing, every free time he tries to organize fan meetings, the gifts that fans give him are carefully stored. This singer does not hesitate to go to the kitchen to make delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy, even more does not hesitate to wear wreaths, take pictures together or give warm hugs. With the Skys, he always considers them as friends and brothers. In addition to the sky, Tung often faces many scandals, many other anti-fans always see Son Tung MTP as extravagant, so the sky also follows.

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No matter what other people say, the sky is still more and more crowded, Son Tung MTP is still more and more famous, making more and more money with his talent, in the future he is aiming for a big sky. than.

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