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Learn about What is Na2CO3? What is the effect of Soda Ash Light, practical applications, specifically in swimming pool water treatment, what role does Na2CO3 play?

What is Na2CO3?

Chemical soda (or sodium carbonate) hasChemical formulaNa2CO3 is an indispensable ingredient in bleach products. The effect of soda is its ability to soften water, causing a precipitation reaction of ions such as Calcium and Magnesium existing in water.

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Illustration: Chemical Soda Na2CO3 powder, white color.

Some chemical parameters Na2CO3

+ Melting temperature: 851 degrees Celsius (in anhydrous form).

+ Boiling temperature: 1,600 degrees Celsius (Khan).

+ Water solubility index: 22g per 100ml of water (at 20 degrees Celsius).

+ Shape, color: In the form of white powder, strong odor, watery when left in the air for a long time.

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What is the effect of chemical Soda (Na2CO3) in swimming pool water treatment?

Calcium, Magnesium, and some other substances are minerals that exist in the form of divalent ions: mainly Ca2+, Mg2+ causing hard water. The effects of hard water on the body and human health are very negative.

In addition, if these 2 ions are not removed, it will react strongly with soap to form insoluble residues, suspended in water, sticky or harmful, uncomfortable for users. So what is the effect of Soda Na2CO3 chemical in water treatment in general and pool water in particular? Let’s find out now!

Soda is known to increase the pH of pool water. With a sufficient amount of mg you will return the pH balance to the water easily when the pH is low, but safe and non-toxic. When the pH reaches the standard, it is also a good environment for algae and algae to grow and pollute and contaminate the water source.

How to use: Dissolve soda with water with a dosage of 1 – 3kg for 100m3 of water / time and then spread around the lake.

What is the application of Na2CO3?

With the effect of causing precipitation of insoluble ions, water softener of Soda, people apply this chemical in practice for:

+ Treatment to increase pH for swimming pools

+ Glass industry, Cilicat

+ Application as detergent (many in bleach)

+ Food industry.

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A few notes when storing and using Soda: Keep in a cool, dry place, do not place it next to or with acids, contact with any chemicals, so use necessary labor protection.


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