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Bias is a term quite familiar to many Kpop fans. It is very popular among young people who love the Kpop genre – Korean music. So do you know what Bias is? Follow us to learn about the term Bias as well as its meaning in Kpop!


Bias is a term quite familiar to many Kpop fans

What is bias?

Bias is an English term that is extremely popular among music fans, especially Kpop. Simply put, it means favorite idol.

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When translating into Vietnamese, you can also understand Bias in many different meanings below:

Cross-section of fabric.Slope, inclination. Tendency to either favor something, prejudice against someone, etc. Displacement is used in the field of informatics. The displacement potential is used in physics. .

If it is a noun, bias means a tendency, a phenomenon or a person. If it is a transitive verb, bias means influence, public opinion or prejudice against someone. As an adverb, it means attracting someone’s attention, influencing something, or being loved by a fanbase for someone. This meaning is the most widely used and commonly used.


Simply put, bias means favorite idol

What does Kpop bias mean?

In the Kpop fan community, a member of your favorite group called Bias. For example, in the group BTS, you like Kim Seok Jin the most, so Kim Seok Jin is called your bias. At this time, you will also treat your bias much more special than other members of the group. You can personally make meaningful gifts for your bias.

Bias in Kpop is understood as a very special language expressing love and admiration for their idols. Currently, there are many young Vietnamese people who love and are passionate about Kpop. Therefore, bias is also a term widely used in our country.

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Currently, there are many young Vietnamese people who love and are passionate about Kpop

What is Stan in Kpop and how is it different from Bias?

Kpop fans often refer to the concepts of Bias, Stan, Support and Sasaeng. In which, support means support and Sasaeng is understood as obsession. Stan has a different meaning and is easily confused with Bias. So what is Stan and how to distinguish it from Bias?

Stan is understood as a fan, derived from a song by Eminem – a famous American rapper in 2000. The main content of the song is to describe the uncontrollable actions of fans. Therefore, Stan is quite similar in meaning to Sasaeng, but has a lower degree of madness than obsession.

In short, Bias and Stan are alike in their love and admiration for idol oppas. However, Stan emphasized that crazy fans have thoughts or actions that go beyond the limit. Meanwhile, Bias is only a true fan with beautiful actions.


Stan is just crazy fans who think and act beyond their limits

If you are really passionate about Kpop, choose Bias world and stay away from Stan completely. Always support your idol in the best way to help him shine more and you yourself learn many useful things from your idol.

Some terms related to Bias

Besides understanding what Bias is, you also need to know some common terms related to Kpop as follows:

Bias BTS: This is the name of the Korean group, consisting of 7 members, receiving a lot of love from fans, especially teenagers. Bias Wrecker – People of the public, are oppas or beautiful girls. , a talent that is loved by many fans, negatively affects many trends on social networks. Every time Bias wrecker appears, your heart will suddenly be defeated. Bias Idol: Here, Idol means an idol, a character that has a huge influence on fans. Bias Idol is the fan, always supporting their idol when receiving a new music project. Besides, Bias Idol always has positive comments to protect idols. Bias list: Fans have not only 1 but many Bias from groups. And the Bias List is your bias list.

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Bias List is a list of your biases

Ultimate bias: In the Bias List, there will be 1 bias that you love the most, which is Ultimate Bias.

Hope the above article has helped you understand what Bias is as well as its meaning in Kpop. Hope they are of great use to you. In general, if you are already a fan of Kpop, you must definitely join the Bias team instead of Stan!


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