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Mr. Duy TOEIC answered 4 years ago

• Brief explanation: always and regularly both can mean “regularly”. But in TOEIC regularly The vast majority are used to describe actions that mean “increasing/decreasing” such as increase, grow, fall, decline,

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• Thorough explanation:

Steadily means “even”. It is used to describe an action or property that changes gradually and at a constant rate. For example:

○ Sales have increased regularly since January.= Sales have increased even from January.

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(gradually increasing and increasing at a constant rate)

○ His health got regularly worse.= His health increasingly worse.

(gradually worse, and worse at constant rate)

Or it is used to describe an action or a property that does not change and is not interrupted. For example:

○ The rain fell steadily..= Rain falls even.

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(continuous and unceasing rain)

We see that it must always describe an action or a property that takes place continuously, over a long period of time.

Meanwhile, in the sentence you posted above, the nature late from work (delay) is not a long-lasting feature. We’re only late when we get to work, and then we’re not late again. So we don’t use (B) for this sentence.

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When we say “always late”, we mean that we are late today, late tomorrow, late tomorrow, etc. That is, “always late”. To express an action or a quality that is “always the case”, we can use always.

○ Any employees who are always late…= Any employee who is late regular= Any employee who continuity be late…


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