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Maybe some people have heard about Subliminal already, but as far as I can see, most of it is still quite strange in our country, Subliminal is a kind of magical sound that can make people conquer what they want. Currently, sub is very popular in famous countries, but in Vietnam, we are very few. So I want to introduce everyone to know more about this subliminal

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Table of contentsWhat is Subliminal? Uses of subliminalHow to listen to subliminal effectively (1)How to listen to subliminal effectively (2)Does Subliminal sound harmful and is subliminal really effective?Does subliminal really work?Who should not use it? Use SubliminalSome other information

What is Subliminal?

More detailed concept of subliminal:

This is a form of hypnosis, which is recorded into a very small sound waveform, which is very difficult for the normal ear to hear, but only a small uuu sound can be heard.

Subliminal will put affirmations (also known as Affirmation), into the brain (or subconscious), along with your own brain waves, forcing the brain and body to accept those assertions as true. The brain will react and force the body to follow those assertions.

Publimnal is a change in the body, so it is true that it is a genetic change, but rather it is changing the old information of the DNA sequence into newer information such as how much melamine is in the eyes, how much is in the skin or bone structure. If you give or self-perceive what is right all the time, that will come true, which is auto-suggestion and hypnosis.

According to the above information about Sibliminal, you can partly guess that its effect:

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Change eye color, skin color, hair color… Increase height Increase intelligence (IQ), learn foreign languages ​​easily Become rich Make big eyes, high nose, heart lips, ..etc in general yes She looks like she wants to sing well, dance well Have a pleasant voice
Listening with a phone for the best results, no need to adjust the volume to loud, open normally and listen to relax. Depending on each person, the speed is different, the person who heard it twice saw the change, it took about 2 weeks to see the preliminary results. Listening from 6 months to 2 years will have obvious results. Newly heard many people will have symptoms of burning eyes, watery eyes, headaches, thirst (of course not everyone has) those are the signs. normal, it’s okay. Need to drink a lot of water, at least 2 liters a day for good results. Listen at least 3 times a day (depending on each video. As long as you listen to 30 minutes / day is ok, but if you want to be effective, you can listen to more than 30 minutes, but it must be less than 3 hours) to do heavy or demanding jobs such as driving, studying, etc.
There are some songs that will insert a few affirmations into the sub, you don’t need to try to understand or translate it, nor do you need to turn up the volume to hear it clearly, just relax while listening. Don’t choose too many subs to listen to. because it will mess up your gene structure. You should only choose about 2 subs to listen to, after it is completely effective, you can change to another sub. You should also not listen to the same topic at the same time but have many subs (for example, listen to many different subs). When you no longer want to listen to this sub but want to switch to another sub, you should listen to the sub to delete the affirmation first to avoid confusion with the affirmation (search on youtube channel Whatsub) Do not listen to subs with contradictory statements ( for example brown eyes and gray eyes, brown skin and white skin,…) so it won’t be effective. Limit mirroring if you listen to subs about appearance, or limit testing to see if Sub is really correct, because subs work. based on affirmations that go into your subconscious, so if you check your subconscious mind will know that you don’t have it and it will not accept affirmations. or imagine in your head the image you want, your subconscious mind will recognize it as you and will turn it into reality ABSOLUTELY believe in the sub and have no doubts When listening to Sub is not a reality, you must close If the role is a “catalyst”, it will only come true, because nothing is available that is not available.

For example, when listening to subs about white skin, you should cover up carefully when going out, or with subs in the afternoon, eat sensibly, exercise to help subs be more effective, ….. or you can wash your face often, There are some beauty remedies

(on whatsub channel you can listen to subliminal without headphones but I think listening to me will be more effective)

Is listening to Subliminal harmful and does sublimіnal really work?

Most when people hear about such effective subliminal sound effects, they will ask the question: Why does such an effect cost nothing? Is it harmful or not? What’s so magical?

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According to what I learned, this is an overseas trial, so it can be used for free, when the beta is completed, you have to spend money to buy it. And it’s not really harmful, only when you listen to heavy subs like changing color, it’s expensive, or intellectual can be harmful, but subs about eyes, nose, mouth or other things are not harmful.

Subliminal will change your genes, so when you give birth, it will still be passed on to your children, so you should decide carefully when choosing a sub.

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