What is Take it easy?

Every country or language has phrases and idioms that are sometimes difficult to explain, for example: “drink like a fish” refers to someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. Therefore, English idioms are quite a challenge for learners.

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Geo will synthesize and introduce the most commonly used basic idioms to readers. Today’s lesson will be the first five idioms “in touch”, “take it easy”, “piece of cake”, “on the ball” and “under the weather”. Let’s find out together


1. In touch with someone: seeing someone or communicating with someone regularly: contact.

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This idiom often goes with the verbs “get”, “keep”, “stay”. For example:

Let’s stay in touch. (Please keep in touch)

How can I get in touch with her? It’s urgent (How can I contact her? Emergency)

Don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch.

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(Don’t treat each other like strangers, keep in touch)

2. Take it easy: relax, rest: calm down, relax comfortably (come on). For example:

I’m going to stay home Saturday and take it easy. (I will go home this Saturday and relax)

Take it easy. It’s just a game. (Relax, it’s just a game)

3. Piece of cake: something easily achieved: easy as pie. For example:

Sure, no problem. Washing two bowls be a piece of cake. (Sure, no problem. Washing two bowls is as easy as pie.)

4. On the ball: be alert, active or attentive: nimble, agile, quick to react. For example:

If I had been more on the ball I would have asked when he called me. (If I had been quicker, I would have asked when he would call me back.)

5. Under the weather: slightly unwell or in low spirits: slightly tired, depressed. For example:

I’m sorry, I feel a bit under the weather, I think I cannot join the party tonight. (Sorry, I’m a bit tired, I won’t be able to come to the party tonight)


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