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“TGIF” sounds strange to you guys. It stands for a group of letters or symbols. Today I will analyze it clearly for you to understand“TGIF”What is it, what does it mean, and in what circumstances is it used? Let’s shake hands and analyze.

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First, I will translate the meaning of “TGIF”what. It exactly stands for the group of letters:“Thank God It’s Friday”.It means“Thank God Friday Is Here”. This group of words describes happiness and joy when a week of studying and working is coming to an end, tomorrow is Saturday – two days to rest, rest and play have arrived. This is actually an English slang. Because their working week is really stressful and tiring, encountering a lot of pressure from many sides: company, family, society… So weekends are the days for them to spend time with family, for fun, entertainment, relieve stress of the past week.
In addition to the above main meaning, “TGIF”
also has another rather interesting meaning:“Thank God, I Am a Woman”This meaning is translated from the group of words:“Thank God, I AmFemale”. This meaning enhances the sacredness of women. I find it very correct. Why is that so, listen to my analysis: “Your mother was pregnant with you for 9 months and 10 days, your mother suffered all kinds of pain while giving birth to you, then she raised you to be a human…”. great blessings that men do not have. So through the above words, let’s know how to love the women around us.

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What a good and meaningful group of abbreviations, right?
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