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You born in 1985 age At Ox, but do not know what year 1985? You want to know if your destiny, love, career, health, fortune will be favorable this year, .. The issues you are wondering and want to know the results will be revealed in the article below.

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Born in 1985, what is the destiny and age of the child in the five elements?

People born in 1985 five auspicious in the five elements of par Kim, namely Hai Trung Kim (Gold in the Sea). Hai means sea, middle means deep, needle is gold, silver and metal in general. The three words combined mean that treasures, gold and silver are sunk deep in the ocean that have not been explored and discovered.

The most beautiful quintessence are hidden inside the person destined for Kim that has not been revealed to the outside. It takes time to discover and reveal all the talents of the person destined for Kim.

People born in 1985 often have a noble personality, quiet in all problems they always solve in the most calm way.


Born in 1985 What is the age in the life horoscope?

The destiny of people born in 1985 in the year of the Ox.

Destiny: Kim – Hai Trung Kim – Gold in the sea

Mutual Rebirth: Destiny of Water and Destiny of Tho

Contrasting: par of Wood and destiny of Fire

What is the age of 1985?

People born in 1985 is the age of the buffalo in five At Ox.

Three unions: Snake – Rooster – Ox

The Four Elements: Dragon – Dog – Ox – Mui

Born in 1985, what color suits?

Destiny color: Gray, white, recorded under the Kim element.

Mutual color: Dark yellow, earthy brown belongs to the Earth element.

Taboo colors: Red, orange, pink, purple Red, orange, pink, purple belong to the Fire element.

So the owner should pay attention to choose the colors in interior design and buy household items should avoid red, orange, pink, purple. To avoid bringing bad luck or business failure to the owner.

Personality of people born in 1985?

Most people born in 1985 usually have a patriarchal personality, they have high requirements for everything. Wanting people to listen to their requests, they are good educators. Personality they do not like to dream, only look at reality to work and also in love.

They are very clever, so they usually don’t offend anyone, so they are very popular. In addition, they are very diligent, hardworking, industrious, hardworking in everything and responsible.

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They are straight-forward people who will pay debts, do not like to be indebted to others. So they have a lot of close friends because of their personality.


Their personalities are usually patriarchal, strict and always thinking very realistically

Overview of the life of people born in the year of the Ox

1. About the career of people born in 1985

At Ox He is smart, agile and has a very thorough manner, understanding people’s hearts, so he likes jobs like management. Because of their diligence, they are loved by their superiors. If age At Ox If you want to be successful in your career or business, you should work away from your family.

2. Love of people 1985

Born in 1985 On the 3, 4, and 8 of the lunar calendar, they have a happy married life. Happy family and peaceful life

For 1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, the unfavorable love has to go through 2, 3 times and the married life is not smooth.

As for the months of April, 7, 8, and 12, there are happy relationships and harmony between husband and wife.

3. Colleague relations of people born in 1985

Usually loved by colleagues and friends. Because of his sincerity, confidentiality, and strictness at work, he is loved by trusted colleagues. In addition, people with Kim destiny are often envied by their friends because of their prominence. But with their arrogant personality, they don’t care what the people around them say about them.

They are the ones who don’t like the market, only care about their own mind and work.

Horoscope 2020 of Ox people

In terms of career this year is quite successful, if persistent efforts will create success. All your efforts will pay off. You should stay away from the office market, to avoid unnecessary disputes.

In general, the career in 2020 of people born in the year of the Rabbit is quite smooth and successful.

The love of people born in the year of the Ox in 2020

In terms of love, this year is quite good and strong, you can find a life partner and get married this year. If you’re married, you’ll be in an extramarital relationship. So you should consider carefully to avoid breakdown in marriage.

About the health of the Ox year 2020

This year, you often suffer from some minor diseases but often suffer from them. So you have to carefully prepare clothes before going out to avoid the cold winds from penetrating into your body.


The 2020 career of the Ox will achieve many successes in career and love


Born in 1985 often have a decisive patriarchal character, the life of people born in the year of the Ox is always peaceful and happy thanks to their efforts. They are also a solid support for family and loved ones. But love or trouble will change in love, so you should persevere with your love to avoid breaking up because the person who suffers the most is your child. When they are old, they have happy families with children and grandchildren.

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