What is the business environment?

Whether a business has sustainable and effective development depends a lot on the business environment. Understanding the business environment will help businesses understand and know what customers really want. At the same time, understanding the business environment will help businesses know their advantages and disadvantages, competitors, opportunities and challenges to come up with development strategies. Specifically.

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In the following article, we will show you how to analyze your business environment in the most detailed and complete way. Please refer to it for more details.

What is the business environment?

Business Environment can simply be understood as the limitation of the space in which a business exists and develops. It includes the totality of factors, factors (external and internal) interacting with each other, directly and indirectly affecting business activities of enterprises.


The study and analysis of the business environment will help businesses find out their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges to make the best business decisions.

The relationship between business environment and enterprises

Business environment and enterprise have a two-way relationship. If you know how to take advantage of opportunities, the business environment will create conditions for businesses to develop. At the same time, it also has constraints that inhibit the development of the business if the business does not adapt to the environment.

In addition, businesses also have an impact on the business environment in contributing to infrastructure development investment budget. But it can also destroy the business environment by pollution, causing unemployment, social evils, negative embezzlement…

Analyze the business environment of today’s businesses

Based on the business process of enterprises, we can divide the business environment into internal environment and external environment.

Internal environment of the enterprise

Analysis of the internal environment is the study and analysis of factors belonging to the business itself. Factors that help you to analyze the internal environment of the business include:

Personnel: this is the decisive factor to the success or failure of all production and business activities in enterprises. If you want to develop in a stable and sustainable way, businesses need to build a cultural and disciplined working environment, a transparent and fair reward and punishment regime for employees to improve the capacity of personnel.

Business capital: this is a prerequisite condition that determines the existence, development and improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises. If the capital is stable, it will ensure the production and business operation of the enterprise in accordance with the set goals.


Infrastructure: including factories, machinery and equipment, raw materials, management technology, business environment information… This is the foundation for the production and business process of enterprises. If an enterprise wants to expand its production and modernize its products, its investment strategy must focus on modernizing and expanding its material and technical facilities in line with its production and business orientation.

Corporate culture: Enterprises with a developed culture will create a positive working atmosphere, promote initiative and creativity, and strengthen communication and information exchange relationships between employees.

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The above factors may change from time to time, business development strategies of enterprises. Without properly analyzing and evaluating the above factors, your business will most likely lose its existing advantages in business.

External environment of the enterprise

There are two factors that help you to analyze the external environment of a business: the macro environment and the micro environment.

Macro environment: includes political, economic, technological and technical factors, natural and socio-cultural conditions, population. Microenvironment: includes factors such as customers, competitors paintings and suppliers.Macro environment

Political factors: including applicable national laws, state policies and mechanisms for business lines. You must always update and monitor changes in political factors to make the right decisions in business activities.

Economic environment: including bank interest rate, balance of payments, financial and monetary policy, economy’s inflation rate, tax policy, foreign exchange rate and unemployment rate, gross domestic product (GDP) … They can be an opportunity or a challenge for businesses if you know how to take advantage of them properly.

TechnologyWith the current outstanding development of technology – technology, if any enterprise masters and soon applies it to production and business, that business will survive and develop for a long time. If businesses do not keep up with new technologies of society, their products will quickly become obsolete and cannot be sold to consumers.

Population: Through population analysis, it will help your business classify your customer groups and come up with a product development plan to meet the needs of that audience.



Customer: these are the people who directly use the product/service, the most important factor determining the survival of the business. Therefore, your business needs to bring the best and most useful products to meet their needs and satisfaction.

CompetitorsCompetitor analysis is the process of assessing the weaknesses and strengths of competitors to support the process of forming, implementing and adjusting business strategies in the most effective way.

Supply unit: Choosing a supplier of raw materials and services for businesses is very important because it will help businesses operate production stably according to the previously set plan. The unit also needs to be stable, ensure quality and unified prices to optimize investment costs for businesses.

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Hopefully, the sharing from the above article will help you know how to analyze the business environment of your business today. Hope this information will be useful to you. Wish you successful business.

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