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What is Static Route? –

What is Static Route? –

What is Static Route? – What is Static Route? – What is Static Route? –


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What is Static Route?

Static Routing is a routing method where the administrator enters all routing information for the router. So when the network structure has any changes, the administrator will change it by deleting or adding information about the route for the router, in other words, this path is fixed.

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The principle of operation of Static Routing we can understand like this.

– First, the administrator will configure fixed routes for the router

– Then, the router will install this route into the routing table.

– And the data packet is routed along the fixed path.

Fixed path has 3 ways:

– Output port:


– Adjacent port IP


– Default Route: in terms of configuration command, it is similar to the above two types, except that it does not need to know the destination address and the Subnet Mask.

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+ Advantages:

– Easy and fast configuration

– Support in all routers and routers

Usually used in small business networks, there is little structural change, the administrator has full control over the routing table and can reduce the bandwidth in the system.

+ Disadvantages:

– Configuration complexity will increase as the network size increases

– Not suitable for large networks because they cannot adapt to changes in the network system

– The ability to update the limited path is sometimes impossible, so the risk of bandwidth overflow is very high.

+ How to configure the basic

Static Routes are often used when you need to route from a Network to a Stub Network, (a stub Network is a subnet with only a single route to the outside).

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Static routes are also used to define a last resort for sending a packet of unknown destination.

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