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Movie content That Son Tam Linh (Thien Linh Cai) Based on the true story of a charmer who took the lives of many girls in a poor village in Dong Thap province. The macabre and mysterious truths have been passed on to each other for 20 years, people still can’t help but be confused when recalling the shocking case that year.

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After passing the censorship five times seven times, the film Thien Linh Cai (now renamed to ) That Son Spirit) was officially broadcast in all theaters on 09/10. Rotate around the text “Based on a true story…” These are the things that once caused a stir in the peaceful village of the Southwest region. The horrifying case up to now, when mentioned, the people here are still as shocked as it was yesterday…


That Son Spirit Officially in theaters on October 9

I. What is Celestial Spirit?

Celestial Spirit is a type of charm of the East, people practice this type of charm often bring in their ambition to make all their wishes and wishes come true. And of course, these wishes are often things that are true. negative, even somewhat scary stuff.

In terms of practice, Thien Linh Cai is somewhat similar to Kumanthong (a kind of guardian god according to Thai spirituality). Thien Linh Cai is also known by another name in Vietnam as “demonic spirit baby” (using fetal corpses to practice charms).


Thai charms are often very scary

The Celestial Spirit Trainer will secretly make a contract with the devil. The “shamans” all have a belief that, as long as they believe and worship the souls of the dead, they will be “rewarded” by “them” to any wishes, even the worst.

II. How to practice Thien Linh The esoteric

The most important and indispensable “material” in the training process Thien Linh Cai it was the fetal body taken from a pregnant woman whose child died prematurely. Next, use a red cloth to wrap the body of the fetus, cover it with lacquer, gilded and start worshiping.

It sounds simple. But the question is how to find the fetal body?

Of course, you can’t go to the market to buy it. And the way the “shamans” get this ingredient is to kill young pregnant women to get their babies in the womb…

In the event that the fetus cannot be found, the magicians can replace it with the bodies of virgins. After killing the virgins, the magicians would bury them, then plant a banana tree on the grave and wait for it to flower, form a bunch, and then harvest. During the growth of the banana tree, the talisman must set up incense and lamps to worship.

III. The difference between Thien Linh Cai and Kumanthong

Kumanthong is more popular than Thien Linh Cai. Because the process of cultivating and nurturing Kumanthong is “kind” and much easier, in contrast to Thien Linh Cai.

The biggest difference between these two types of charms is that Kumanthong is sold openly, even legally, in Thailand. Anyone can buy and use it. In contrast, Thien Linh Cai has little or no appearance on the market, including the black market.

The reason is that the cultivation process of Thien Linh Cai is too arduous, laborious and cruel.

IV. The case of the talisman master Thien Linh Cai shook Vietnam:

More than 20 years ago, in the isle of Tan Binh commune (Thanh Binh district, Dong Thap province)the man’s real name is Pham Van Tan (called Hai Tuong) professed to practice as a physician from another country. He lived an adventure and adrift on a boat from the poor countryside of Can Dang commune, An Giang province, that day suddenly turned here and left many horrors to this day. Hearing the news that good doctors are good about charms, many people here believe and come to pick up medicine. It was not difficult for him to win the hearts of the people of this country because he often treated diseases for free. At that time, it was very precious for a good doctor who was not rich to help with such a penny in medicine. The good news spread far and wide, and soon the name of Master Hai Tung was known everywhere.

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Thien Linh Cai Amulet is hand-painted

Thanks to his vivacious speech and delicious tongue, although not everyone who takes his medicine will be cured, people like to listen to him tell stories, so they often come to him. It is also said that his appearance is gentle, so it is natural to easily help people in this village. Women, women or young girls are the subjects who often come to Hai Tuong to get drugs and ask for spells. From a man floating on a boat, he came here on the first day, thanks to his love of temporarily lending the land of his relatives, he was able to build a hut next to the canal.

From the day he moved, he still worked day and night to examine and give medicine to his relatives. Don’t know where to learn how to practice spells “Thien Linh Cai” with the help of a woman named “fake wife” Tran Thi The Taking care of food supplies day and night, Mr. Hai Tuong’s house was closed all day to practice charms. Gradually, neighbors around felt strange about the lifestyle of both husband and wife and immediately inquired, and was told by Mrs. The: he was practicing the evil magic “Thien Linh Cai” which can cure all diseases. Not only that, the couple also invites their relatives to seduce their relatives by rumors such as: Thien Linh Cai can help her “seduce” her husband to come home after many days of “boring rice and craving pho”, ensuring immediate results. . Along with that, there are many sweet words like witchcraft that can help husbands “stay away” or make them “fall in love” with their wives even though they’re too old… People in the South, through sweet words poured into their ears, everyone rushes to Hai Tung’s house.

It is easier to take advantage of the dark night, the sisters believe his words that “Thien Linh Cai” is only effective when it is blessed at the “negative” hour and must come alone. Since then, every night that comes, the house of “the teacher” continuously welcomes guests, which are mainly ladies and ladies who aspire to find a cure to keep their husbands. The house of a charmer isolated in the middle of a lonely field always flickers with oil lamps at dawn and dusk every night to welcome guests, but many people have to shiver and get goosebumps because of its gloomy appearance. However, the sisters still flocked to the mountains to ask for that kind of magic charm. It’s also strange that the girls who came to find him could not enter through the main door but had to crawl under the fence, but still from time to time people stopped by the other person to ask for help from the “teacher”. Not knowing if the magic was effective or not, a few women asked for the charm to return immediately praising his “divine” talent. A ten, ten hundred, even those who have never been to Hai Tong say that Hai Tuong has the ability to “master magic”.

Portrait of the villain Hai Tuong

In turn, each young girl who came to find him was also played by him. After the girls entered the house, he coaxed him to drink a glass of water premixed with aphrodisiacs. He freely carried out his depraved plot without being resisted by the effects of the drug. Not only satisfying the beast, he also perverted to the point of shaving off the private parts of his victims and saving the hairs in one of his “Thien Linh Cai” refining pots. On special occasions of sacrifice, “Teacher” Hai runs to relatives’ houses to ask for some chickens and ducks as sacrifices. By the way, he also borrowed a large pot to stew the pig’s head neatly. No one knows the truth of what he borrowed for, whether to make offerings to the underworld generals as he said or not, no one knows. No one doubted his actions at that time. But people began to be afraid of the offerings he gave because they all smelled… stale, stinky, and smelly. His appearance is very good at camouflage, during the day he often wears a white trio with long hair and beard to attend weddings with relatives. Several times when people offered meat, alcohol, and coffee, he refused with the excuse of being a vegetarian in order to accumulate virtue in the future… Only when the case was exposed and shocked this peaceful countryside, everyone was shocked. recalls the times when he borrowed a pot to stew offerings and turned out to be used to simmer the victim’s head to get the skull to practice “Thien Linh Cai”.

V. The mysterious disappearance of the girls

Until one night May 2000the girl with the name Tran Thi Phuong (at that time she was only 25 years old) also knocked on the door asking Hai Tuong to help her with a charm to treat her husband. The number is that she has a poor family background, so she has to work in Saigon to make a living. Working far away from a foreign land, but still being rumored by some people about her career, Phuong’s husband grew jealous and forced her to return to her hometown to continue farming. It was the rumors about the superstitious magician’s talent, she ventured to find her in the hope of severing ties with her husband to be free to take care of money. Before she left, she just told her family that she had to go out urgently. Under the dedicated guidance, the poor woman clasped her hands together in prayer and then collapsed to the ground, dying from a strong blow on the back of Hai Tuong’s neck. The woman’s wife half-heartedly helps him to “clean” the private area and satisfy the beast with the body of a beautiful woman.

Phuong’s mysterious disappearance made the family worry and split up to search. The whole village at that time supported the rush to find Phuong’s whereabouts. Searched everywhere, but there was still no trace of her, until the part of the canal in front of the house to marry the charmer Hai Tuong, people discovered that the boat that Phuong rowed was buried here. As if finding a clue, they began to search this land and discovered that Phuong’s body was buried near the canal. It was discovered that the malevolent villain was so cruel that he buried the body in a standing position, with his head facing up 20 centimeters above the ground. Faced with the body, the sorcerer and his wife could not avoid confusion and fear. When relatives saw their strange behavior, they immediately reported it to the investigating agency. From here, so many disgusting truths are exposed…

The channel where Hai Tuong and his accomplices committed crimes

Under investigation by Dong Thap province police, he confessed to killing Phuong and burying her to wait for the right time to decapitate to practice “Thien Linh Cai”. The investigative agency also found three very new human skulls, a box full of female hair and knives still stained with dried blood lying on the altar when searching his house. With criminal investigation, they forced him to confess all his debauchery and lewd acts and discovered three more headless bodies buried in the ground of his house.

This is also the place where he and his accomplices played tricks and killed. Relatives flocked to watch the Investigative Office excavate his house, everyone was bewildered and terrified when they saw each headless corpse in a period of strong decomposition being pulled up from the ground. Little by little about the time and method of killing, he confessed with indifference and indifference. After many trials, Hai Tung was sentenced to death, Tran Thi The received a life sentence, this is also the ending that everyone guessed for this crazy murderer.


Portrait of the assistant name of the sorcerer Hai Tuong

The execution day was held in April 2002 right in Tan Quoi commune, where he lived to set an example. Until being brought to the execution ground, Hai Tuong also announced that he would use Apparition magic to escape. Yet everyone believed and gathered together to see if the “magic” of the sorcerer was as real as he said. And of course, the sorcerer was just an ordinary person who didn’t have stealth magic or apparate as he boasted, he died under the gun of the police comrades, ending the crime that heaven and earth did not. can forgive. The house where he and his wife committed crimes was burned down by the villagers, and his body was buried near the execution site.


The island in Tan Quoi commune where Hai Tuong was shot

The case closed, Hai Tuong and his accomplices had to pay the price for their barbaric behavior, but the pain he caused in that peaceful village forever remained inconsolable…

BECAUSE. Is Thien Linh Cai real?

Although the process of training Thien Linh Cai is extremely cruel and real, up to now, the true use of this inhuman talisman has not been verified.

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However, there are certainly many people who believe in this dangerous charm and silently seek it to satisfy their personal goals.

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