What is the English police?

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Improve with the English vocabulary for the police; The English vocabulary for the police; The vocabulary for the types of crimes
Advanced with specialized English vocabulary for police

Specialized in police, police or military have a lot of similar English words, you can come across in the learning process. Follow the article below to add to your English vocabulary for police.

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English vocabulary specialized in police

– jail /dʒeɪl/ jail cell

– detective /dɪˈtek.tɪv/ – detective

– suspect /səˈspekt/ – suspect

– handcuffs /ˈhænd.kʌfs/ – handcuffs

– badge /bædʒ/ – badge, military rank

– police officer – /pəˈliːs ˈɒf.ɪ.səʳ/ – police officer

– gun /gʌn/ – gun

– holster /ˈhəʊl.stəʳ/ – pistol holster

– nightstick /ˈnaɪt.stɪk/ – night stick

– judge /dʒʌdʒ/ – judge

– robes /rəʊbs/ – robes (of lawyers)

– gavel /ˈgæv.əl/ – hammer

– witness /ˈwɪt.nəs/ – witness

– court reporter /kɔːt rɪpɔrtər / – court clerk

– transcript /ˈtræn.skrɪpt/ – transcript

– bench /bentʃ/ – magistrate chair

– prosecuting attorney /ˈprɒs.ɪ.kjuːtɪŋ əˈtɜː.ni/ – prosecutor

– witness stand /ˈwɪt.nəs stænd/ – witness stand

– court officer /kɔːt ˈɒf.ɪ.səʳ/ – court officer

– jury box /ˈdʒʊə.ri bɒks/ – seat of the jury

– jury /ˈdʒʊə.ri/ – jury

– defense attorney /dɪˈfents əˈtɜː.ni/ – defense attorney

– defendant /dɪˈfen.dənt/ – defendant

– fingerprint /ˈfɪŋ.gə.prɪnts/ – fingerprints

Vocabulary about types of crime

– Abduction – abductor – to abduct – kidnapping: kidnap

– Arson – arsonist – set fire to: set fire to someone’s house

– Assault – assailant – assult – to attack someone: attack someone

– assisting sucide – accomplice to suicide – to assist suicide – help someone kill themselves: helping someone to commit suicide

– Bank robbery – bank robber – to rob a bank: rob a bank

– Blackmail – blackmailer – to blackmail – threatening to do something unless a condition is met: threatening to get money

Bribery – someone who brite – bribe – give someone money to do something for you

– Burglary – burglar – burgle: stealing things in the house

– Drug dealing – drug dealer – to deal drug

– Drunk driving – drunk driver – to drink and drive: drink while driving

– extortion- extortioner- extort(from somebody): extortion

– Fraud – fraudster – to defraud/ commit fraud – lying people to get money: tricking someone to get money

– Hijacking – hijacker – to hijack – taking a vehicle by force: blocking vehicles to rob

– housebreaking – housebreaker – housebreak: stealing by day

– Manslaughter – killer- to kill – kill a person without planning it: kill someone without a plan, this may be because suddenly they are arguing about something that cannot be controlled, so they kill each other

– Mugging – mugger – to mug: plunder

– Murder – murder – to murder – murder is this planned?

– Shoplifting – shoplifter – to shoplift: stealing from the store

– Smuggling – smuggler – to smuggler: smuggling

– Speeding – speeder – to speed: speed up wa’ speed

– Stalking – stalker – to stalk: stalking someone to follow

– Treason – traitor – to commit treason: betrayal

– vandalism – vandal – vandalise: vandalizing public property


How to learn specialized English vocabulary well and remember for a long time. There are many methods to help you learn English vocabulary such as learning by pictures, learning by sound.

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Every day you should set a goal for yourself to learn 5 or 10 words each day. However, when learning vocabulary, it is not simply learning the meaning but also learning how to use words, learning how to pronounce correctly.

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You can practice with your friends every day to remember English vocabulary longer and learn English better.



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