What is the English Red Invoice?

E-invoices today are no longer a strange payment method for us. This is a fast and efficient invoicing method today. However, not everyone knows e-invoice in English what? What are the benefits of e-invoices? To get more useful information for yourself, do not hesitate to read this article right away.

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What is an electronic invoice in English?

Many people in society mistakenly believe that electronic invoices and invoices are both called “bill”. Electronic invoices are also a form of payment like other bills, and like bills. However, electronic bill translated into English as “electronic bill” is a phrase to refer to electronic invoices that many people simply translate from Vietnamese.


What is an English electronic invoice?

In business, it will be used with other professional terms, terms that businesses use to refer to e-invoice in English is “invoice”. Invoice is a term to refer to an electronic invoice, it is the same as a bill is a form of invoice created through software about electronic invoices.

The payment of the customer with the business will be sent to the customer’s message or email for the most convenience for the customer to make the payment, as well as control the products traded by the two parties.

Electronic invoice in English expressed by the term “invoice” will be an invoice with full information about the customer to information about the product you sell of the transaction between the two parties. Invoice differs from bill in that an e-invoice of a business will contain the tax code of the business, the code of the business and the account of the business, and different businesses will have different types of these codes.

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Benefits of paying by e-invoices

The benefits of using e-invoices for businesses using e-invoices to perform transactions with partners and customers:

Firstly, helping businesses quickly and easily make payments through electronic invoices instead of using paper invoices before.

Second, through the use of e-invoice in English Invoices will help businesses reduce the cost of printing old invoices, making it easier to store and search for old invoices.

Third, save time for businesses about transferring previous invoices to partners or customers. Through e-invoices, it will make the transaction transfer faster in just one “note” with the connection to the internet that businesses can send e-invoices to their customers,

Fourth, to ensure that the management of invoices is quick and scientific, finding invoices even from long-standing invoices only needs to be searched in a few seconds.

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Fifth, ensure that customer’s information is absolutely confidential and kept for a long time.


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