What is the English Table of Contents?

What is the English Table of Contents? Not only in books but also on website content. The table of contents serves as a summary of the main idea of ​​the content. The following webgiaidap.com will help you learn What is the English Table of Contents?

What is the Table of Contents?

Table of Contents is a record of headings with page numbers, in order of presentation in books or journals. Usually placed at the beginning of the body paragraph.

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What is the English Table of Contents?

Table of contents in English to be Index;


list, concordance, list of contents, table of contents, contents…

For example:

It also has a table of words from the geography book, an appendix and many maps.

It also has an index of Geography, an appendix, and maps.

The first edition with two-column pages, with a table of contents, was in 1951.

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The first publication in double-column pages, with index, was in 1951.

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