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Responsibility allowance is a TRIAL allowance applied exclusively to management positions. Therefore, not all subjects receive this allowance. Objects, conditions as benefit rate Liability allowance also has differences. Within the scope of the article, we will clarify this issue.

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Responsibility allowance

Table of contents

Subjects, conditions, and levels of responsibility allowance allowances and subjects applied in the current enterprise

What is the corporate responsibility allowance?

Allowance responsibility is a type of allowance to compensate those who both directly produce or do professional work and concurrently manage non-managerial tasks. POSITION leaders, or people who perform jobs requiring high responsibility for which this condition has not been defined in wage.While, subsidize is the amount of money an employee is granted when he is unemployed or temporarily stops working, on the basis of the amount of money that the employee has performed the insurance obligation during the working time (for example, unemployment allowance. . activities… are not included or fully included in the salary. Therefore, responsibility allowance are defined as allowances rather than subsidies.

Subjects, conditions, and levels of responsibility allowances

Conditions for receiving allowances

According to the regulations at point a, clause 2, Article 7 of Decree 49/2013/ND-CP

The employee performs a number of management tasks (such as team leader, deputy team leader, team leader, deputy team leader, foreman, foreman, shift leader, deputy head of shift, team leader, and deputy team leader). title similar) Or the job requires responsibility higher than the responsibility calculated in the salary scale, payroll (such as cashier, storekeeper, cashier and similar titles). Responsibility allowance is calculated and paid in the same monthly salary payment period. When not doing the job for which the responsibility allowance is paid for 01 month or more, the responsibility allowance is not paid.

Allowance levels and subjects applied in enterprises today

For enterprises that are not state-owned enterprises


As agreed in the labor contract

The level of enjoyment of the responsibility allowance in the enterprise according to the provisions of Labor Code 2012 (amended and supplemented 2015)

To be freely agreed upon by the enterprise and the employee labor contractAs agreed in collective labor agreementRegulations in the regulations of the enterprise

The regulation of the level of responsibility allowances must comply with the principles of building the salary scale and salary table specified in Article 7 of Decree 49/2013/ND-CP.

For state-owned enterprises

As prescribed atClause 2, Article 4 of Decree 205/2004/ND-CPThe responsibility allowance applies to the following subjects:

Part-time members of the Board of Directors Members of the Supervisory Board (excluding the Head of the Supervisory Board) Those who do some jobs that require high responsibility or have to undertake management work are not in the leadership position.

Job responsibility allowance includes 4 levels: 0.1; 0.2; 0.3; 0.5 compared to the minimum wage. Pursuant to the provisions of Circular No. 03/2005/TT-BLDTBXHapplication level and audience include:

Level 1, factor 0.5applicable to part-time members of the Board of Directors of special corporations and equivalents, corporations and equivalents.

Level 2, factor 0.3applies to:

Members of the Supervisory Board (excluding the Head of the Supervisory Board) of special corporations and equivalents, corporations and equivalents; Part-time members of the Board of Directors of companies ranked 1 or below; Heads of stations, camp leaders stations, farms, application and experimentation of varieties, plants and children of farms, forestry farms, aquaculture, fishing, and seafood processing companies; Shift leaders and captains in first-class, first-class companies II, Head of explosives production group, head of explosives warehouses of companies. Vault keeper of commercial banks;

Level 3, coefficient 0.2,applies to:

Members of the Supervisory Board (excluding the Head of the Supervisory Board) of a class I company or less; Deputy stations, deputy camps of stations, camps, application and experimentation of varieties, plants and children of farms; forestry farms, aquaculture, fishing and seafood processing companies; Shift leaders, team captains in class III companies; Team leader, deputy shift leader, deputy team leader in Grade I and Grade II companies; Production team leader in mining, forestry, and rubber mining companies, geology, surveying, measuring surveying, afforestation, basic construction; Deputy leader of explosives production team; deputy head of explosives warehouse, supply staff, staff escorting and transporting finished explosives of companies; Treasurer, cashier of branches of commercial banks.

Level 4, coefficient 0.1,applies to:

Team leader in the remaining companies; Team leader in a class III company; Security guard, storekeeper of explosives; Treasurer of companies. The company reviews and evaluates the responsibility factor for the job to determine the level of responsibility allowance and guarantee. the highest level of allowance not exceed 10% salary of the job or title in the salary scale, salary table.

The work Long Phan will do


Consulting on legal issues in the field of labor and business

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In addition, the lawyer also participates in dispute resolution:

Legal advice on how to resolve disputes, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the disputing parties. Provide specific solutions that are most beneficial in the process of negotiation and conciliation (if any) Instruct and advise clients on the order and procedures to initiate lawsuits, statute of limitations for initiating lawsuits, conditions for initiating lawsuits, status of subjects and Compose a petition and send it to the competent authority. Proposing relevant procedure-conducting agencies when issuing decisions that are not in accordance with procedures and order… Affecting the legitimate rights and interests of customers. Conduct investigation, collect evidences – documents, check and evaluate evidence evaluation – documents to submit before the Court, Arbitration, Competition CouncilParticipate in proceedings as a lawyer to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients at all levels of court or other proceedings-conducting bodiesParticipate in proceedings Litigation as an authorized representative – on behalf of the client to implement all options and methods as prescribed by law to best protect the client’s legitimate rights and interests at the hearing.

Service charge

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Above is our advice on how to calculate the responsibility allowance in the business. If you have any questions regarding the above or related to SALARY SALARY other, please contact BUSINESS CONSULTING LAWER by number HOTLINE: 1900.6363.87 for advice FREE OF CHARGE. Thank you.


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