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CDVLogistics industry has been present in Vietnam for the past 30 years with an impressive growth rate, up to 35 – 40%. Currently, there are more than 1,500 businesses are operating in this field and this number is expected to increase rapidly in the near future. According to preliminary statistics, currently, in Ho Chi Minh City alone, there are about 800-900 service businesses. logistics in a total of more than 1500 businesses across the country. According to the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, on average, there is one logistics company each week that is licensed to operate or add logistics functions. The hot development of logistics services has caused a serious shortage of human resources for this industry.

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What is Logistics Industry?


Logistics industry is a circle that includes activities such as: goods storage, packaging, packaging, warehousing, goods rotation, customs clearance, etc. to achieve the ultimate goal of transferring products and goods from one place to another. Suppliers to consumers in the most optimal way. From this, it is inferred that Logistics staff will be in charge of the work related to the chain of activities mentioned above. If done well Logistics, businesses will save money. The cost of transportation is not small, which means that the cost of products will be lowered, thereby improving competitiveness and bringing more profits. Supply chain management includes all activities. Logistics management involves planning and managing all activities related to sourcing and purchasing, including all Logistics activities. The Logistics sector and Supply Chain Management provide the big picture of the system. business system to help managers make the most effective production development strategy and distribute goods to consumers. used as quickly as possible.


Opportunities and challenges of the Logistics industry:

According to statistics of the Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute, in the next 3 years, enterprises operating in the field of Logistics need about 18,000 more employees, not counting businesses operating in other industries. This shows that potential development and job opportunities for followers Studying Logistics is very big, you can absolutely earn high paying jobs. First, you have to improve your foreign language ability because most businesses are oriented to expand cooperation with foreign companies, the documents and minutes are also presented in English. Foreign language proficiency will be a solid springboard for you to find opportunities in any company.

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Next, you should prepare mentally to move a lot, especially when you choose a job related to import and export. In addition, dynamism, agility and meticulousness also help you score points when applying for the position of Logistics.

Logistics study what?

– Foreign Trade University – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City- University of Economics and Law- University of Transport, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City- Ton Duc Thang University- College of External Economics- Vien Dong CollegeStrengths of Logistics at Vien Dong College:

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