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Median (Me-Median):

a) Concept:

The median is the number of variables of the population unit that are in the middle in the sequence of the number of variables arranged in ascending order. The median divides the series of variables into two parts (above and below the mean) each with an equal number of population units.

b) Method of determining the median:

+ Undisaggregated documents: First of all, it is necessary to arrange the number of variables in order from smallest to largest.

If the number of variables (n) is odd, then the median is the number of variables in the middle of the sequence, that is, at the (n + 1)/2th position. Then Me is determined by the formula:

Me = X (n+1)/2 ; where X is the correct number of variables at position (n+1)/2

For example: The monthly salary of a group of workers consisting of 5 people is as follows:

500; 600; 800; 1000; 1500 then Me = 800

If n is even, then the median is the average of the number of variables in the th and th positions. Then Me is determined by the formula:


+ Distributing documents

• No nest distance: We define the nest containing the median.


* There is nest distance

To determine the median, we first find the nest containing the median. The nest containing the median number is the nest containing the cumulative frequency


Then the median is calculated according to the formula:


* Properties of the median

The sum of the absolute deviations between the quantities of variables with the median being a minimum value.

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| Xi – Me | = min (no division)

| Xi-Me | fi = min (disaggregation)

This property is widely applied in engineering and public services such as building electricity networks, water pipelines, arranging public parking stations in convenient locations so that high efficiency can be achieved in the public sector. service work.

The median has the advantage that it is not affected by the last variables in the series of variables, which is easy to understand and calculate. However, the disadvantage is that it cannot be used to predict because it is not as accurate as the average. It is often used as a substitute or to supplement the average when needed.

* Note: When analyzing socio-economic phenomena with many observation units, sometimes we have to consider the order of the units of the research population in the sequence of numbers distributed into equal parts: 3 part, 4 part, 10 part. Depending on the position of the units in the number sequence, they have different names.

– If the population is divided into three equal parts, we have the quintile;

– If the population is divided into four equal parts, we have the quartiles;

– If the whole is divided into 10 equal parts, we have decimals.

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* Meaning of quartiles and decimals:

– Quartiles and decimals help us determine the numerical values ​​of the units standing at certain positions in a sequence of distributed numbers. In addition, the above criteria also help us measure the dispersion of variables among those units.


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