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mission /”miʃn/ noun mission, missionthe mission of the poets: mission of poetsto complete one”s mission successfully: successfully complete the missionair mission: flight, mission business trip, business trip delegationan economic mission: economic delegationa diplomatic mission: diplomatic mission (from America, meaning American) embassy, ​​embassy predication; missionary association; mission area; mission headquartersa foreign mission: overseas missionary associationa home mission: missionary association in the country
Scope: mission building planetspace mission space flight three-stage mission three-stage space mission mission budget: mission completion budgets (business)mission budgets: mission completion budgets (business)missionfact- finding mission: investigation mission organization) evangelization commercial missionconsultant missionconsultant oodwill missions government trade mediation mission government trade delegation onion


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Collocation Dictionary

mission noun

1 important task

ADJ. joint a joint Anglo-American mission | secret | dangerous | suicide | fact-finding | scout | bombing, combat, military | mercy, (search and) rescue | peacekeeping | diplomatic

VERB + MISSION carry out, conduct, go on, undertake | accomplish, complete Our mission accomplished, we headed for home. | dispatch sb on, give, send sb on sending an aid team on a mercy mission to the earthquake zone | abandon, abort (especially of military missions) The captain instructs them to abort the mission. | fly (on) (used of military planes) He flew a total of 41 missions over Britain.

MISSION + VERB end in failure, fail Their mission ended in failure. | be a success, succeed

PREP. on a/the ~ He was often out of the office on various missions.

PHRASES mission impossible Much regard his task as mission impossible.

2 teams sent to perform a task

ADJ. diplomatic, military, trade

VERB + MISSION establish, set up | send

PREP. ~ big The US is sending a trade mission to China.

3 space journey

ADJ. shuttle, space, spaceship | manned

VERB + MISSION go on, make He”s been on several shuttle missions over the last decade. | abort

MISSION + NOUN control The spacecraft lost contact with mission control.

PREP. on a/the ~ experiments conducted on a space mission | ~ big a successful spacecraft mission to Venus

4 special aim

VERB + MISSION have He now has a mission in life: to expand the horizons of those around him.

PHRASES a man/woman with a mission You can tell by the determined way he talks that he is a man with a mission. | a sense of mission A powerful sense of mission underpins everything he does.

5 places where people work to help others

ADJ. Christian

VERB + MISSION establish, found | run

MISSION + NOUN work | hospital, school

WordNet Dictionary

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

missionssyn.: assignment business charge chore duty errand job purpose stint task work

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