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Life always presents us with opportunities and challenges to choose from. When you open or close a door, you give yourself a new opportunity.

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According to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia: “Opportunity costs are the benefits lost by choosing one alternative over another. The other chosen alternative may be better than the chosen one.”

1. Opportunity comes and realizes it

In every person’s life, there is someone who has never let go of an opportunity, no matter how small. You have had to regret when you look back and realize the opportunity has passed. So how can you recognize the opportunity that has come? I have listened to and studied a few MLM discussions and presentations, where people told me a lot about the opportunity, they calculated for me the value of the opportunity that they had. do, they told me how to fulfill that opportunity they gave me. I also joined and I realized this is not my business opportunity but just an opportunity for me to improve my communication skills and I still believe in my choice. I also missed many opportunities when many people offered to facilitate my business and help me succeed, but please be careful not to get caught up in the small opportunity in front of you and lose your sustainability. As such, I was too safety-minded and wasted my opportunity.

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2. Seize the opportunity

If you realize the opportunity is in front of you, then grab it and do it. An opportunity lies within an opportunity, a large opportunity encapsulates many small opportunities. When the opportunity comes, you should seize the opportunity and do it when you have the determination and ambition to reach for success. Choosing how to implement that opportunity is also an important issue you need to pay attention to because it will determine the value of your success. Reason is also important sometimes, but you should also consult with those who have gone before and even those who are younger than you whether they succeed or fail. Success or not is up to you!

3. Determined to take the opportunity

There are opportunities when you realize it’s your luck, but you hesitate to do it or your way of doing it is not right and then pass it by regret. Many stories of entrepreneurs when others look at it, its success level is only about 20%, even less than 5% they still do. Others will say it was the recklessness that helped them succeed, it’s not wrong to say that, but in my opinion, that success comes from the determination to seize that opportunity even if it has to sacrifice everything, and that’s it. is the sweet fruit of determination and courage. How you do when you take the opportunity.

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When you have chosen your opportunity and path, accept the price for that choice of yours.


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