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Are you confused about the usage and meaning of another, other, others, the other and the others when learning English grammar? In this article, Step Up will share in detail how to distinguish these words and how to use them correctly to avoid repeating mistakes when doing practice tests that make us lose points!



Let’s clearly distinguish the 4 structures and uses of the other as follows:

1. Another and usage of another

TH1: Another (adj) + Noun (singular): add 1 more person, 1 more similar or different thing

For example:

Would you like another cake ?

Would you like to eat another cake?

TH2: Another (pronoun): When “another” is a pronoun after it, there will be no noun and still have the same meaning as above.

For example:

This newspaper is boring. Give me another

This magazine is boring. Give me another sheet

TH3: Another: Used with expressions of time, distance, money in the singular and in the plural with the meaning of more.

Example: He needs another fifty bucks

He wants another $50

2. Other and How to Use Other

Other has the meaning of an adjective: an additional person or thing or things that have been mentioned or implied before

Other is also a definite word, usually before plural nouns, uncountable nouns and pronouns.

Other + uncountable noun

Other will be combined with nouns in some cases. For example:

Some music make people relax, other music has the opposite effect

Some types of music relax people, others have the opposite effect

The second page has general information about hotel to stay. Other travel information is in the third page

The second page includes information about hotels to stop at. Tourist information is on the third page

Other + plural noun

If another is used while we are talking about another or adding one, then in the case of more than one we use other.

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For example:

– We have other book for you to choose.

We have many more books for you to choose from?

– My friend have told about your meeting to other people. Is that okay?

My friend told others about your meeting. Is it okay?

Other + definite words (determiners) + singular nouns (singular nouns)

:the” is one of the definite words, “the other” is a special form in which other is used before definite words and singular nouns.

For example:

I can speak 2 languages. One is English and the other is Korean

I can speak 2 languages. The first is English and the second is Korean

Note: We also have other definite words

For example:

– Anna is at university. Our other daughter is still at school

Thanh is studying at university. Our other daughter is still in high school

– I have no other shoe.

I don’t have any other shoes

– She got 10 marks in the final examination. No other student has ever achieved that.

She got 10 points in the final exam. No student has ever achieved that

Other + ones

Just like “another one”, “other ones” is used to replace nouns or noun phrases that we mentioned earlier and don’t want to repeat them again.

For example:

– We don’t like these cakes. We want other ones, please.

We don’t like these cakes. We want other ones, please

A: You can borrow my dress if it’s necessary

A: You can borrow my dress if you need

B: Thank you, but I need other ones

B: Thank you, but I need other dresses

Other is used as a pronoun.


We can use other as a pronoun, used to replace other ones or other + plural noun and in this case other will have the plural form of others.

For example:

– I don’t like these hats, let’s ask for others

I don’t like these hats, ask for other ones

– Those people didn’t answer the message, please message others

Those people don’t reply to messages, please text others

3. Distinguishing “others” and “others”

– Followed by “other” is usually a noun or pronoun

– On the other hand, “others” is itself a pronoun and is not followed by any nouns

For example:

Those dresses isn’t fit me. Do you have any other dresses?

Those dresses don’t suit me. Do you have any other ones?

– Those dresses isn’t fit me. Do you have any others?

Semantically, both cases are the same, but you need to pay attention: after other is a plural noun (jackets) but after others there is no noun at all. It’s not too difficult to distinguish, is it?

4. The Other – The Others

The other used as a defining word

The other + singular noun: the other of the two, or the other of the two…

For example:

This phone here is new. The other phone is about 12 years old

The phone here is new. The other one is about 12 years old

The other + plural noun: the rest or the people remaining in a group of things or people

For example:

Nam and Lan are here, but where are the other kids?

Nam and Lan are here, but where are their kids?

The other is used as a pronoun (pronoun)

Like “another” and “other”, we can completely use “the other” as a pronoun, replacing previously mentioned nouns or noun phrases.

For example:

– She had a lipstick in one hand and a bunch of flower in the other

She holds a lipstick in one hand and a flower in the other

– We have 2 dogs, one is bull dog and the other is Alsatian. We love both of them.

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We have 2 dogs, one is a bulldog and the other is a Shepherd. We love them both

The others

Often people use “the others” instead of the phrase “the other people”.

For example:

– Some of them want to go to eat and the others prefer to shopping

Some of them want to go out to eat, others want to go shopping more

Exercises for another another the other


Lesson 1. Choose the correct answer:

There’s no ___ way to do it.

A. other B. the other C. another

Some people like to rest in their free time. ___ like to read book.

A. Other B. The others C. Others

This candy is delicious! Can I have ___ slice, please?

A. other B. another C. others

Where are ___ girls?

A. she other B. the others C. others

The restaurant is on ___ side of the street.

A. others B. the others C. the other

There were three phones on my table. One is here. Where are ___?

A. others B. the others C. the other

Exercise 2. Fill in the blank another/ other/ the other/the others/others

Yes, I know Rain, but who is …… woman next to her?

He’s seeing ………… woman.’ Does he girlfriend know?’

Thanh and Mai have 4 children. They put the children to bed while………… did the cooking.

I and Nam are watching TV. …………. boys are out.

You’ve already had six whiskies. ‘ only six? Give me…………. !

They still need ………….. piano player.

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He don’t like these curtains.Could you show his some …………?

I’ve found one of my red shoes, but I can’t find…………

Answers to Lesson 1

A 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. C

B 7. A 8. B 9. A 10

Answers to Lesson 2:

the other


the others

the other




the other

The above is a method to help you distinguish the difference between other, another, the other and the others from Step Up. Because in communicative English, it is necessary to have knowledge about the difference between words with equivalent meanings in order to communicate without making mistakes. You can also learn more about the English prepositions Use it with other in English to optimize your knowledge!

Here are some exercise questions for you to practice and understand better The other structure in English what? And categorize them. The end of learning a foreign language is that you can communicate (listen, speak, read, understand) at least at a basic level, to learn how to learn English effectively, together with other Effective method to learn English vocabulary Save time with the book Hack Não 1500: With 50 units of different topics, or used in daily communication such as: hobbies, school, travel, cooking, ..You will experience with smart learning method, vocabulary learning tips with shims, similar sounds and pronunciation shadowing and practice with App Hack Não for long-term memorization of learned English words.


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