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The summer solstice is one of the four important milestones of the year, besides: the spring equinox, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.

1. What is the Summer Chi?

The summer solstice is the middle of summer, which often falls in the middle of the year. The northern hemisphere during the summer solstice will lean more towards the sun than the southern hemisphere. Therefore, receiving a large amount of radiation, the day is longer than the night, it is dark and light is fast. Some cities in Northern Europe even have the phenomenon of white night, which means there is no night at all.

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2. What is the summer solstice?

By convention, the summer solstice is the period that begins around June 21 or 22 at the end of the quintessential period and ends around July 7 or 8 in the East Asian time zone Gregorian calendar when the december period begins. .


In Western astronomical terms, it is a time related to the position of the planet in its orbit around the Sun. It is the time when the longitude of the Sun equals 90 degrees in the Northern Hemisphere.

3. Characteristics of the summer solstice period

At this time, the sun is hot, hot, and the sky is clear. Because of the high temperature and light, the weather is hot, dry, and the water evaporates quickly.

Tin Phong and Trade winds operate strongly on the sea, so they often create condensation of water vapor leading to prolonged heavy rain, storms, floods, and natural disasters that cause disasters to people’s lives.

Tiet Ha Chi has hot and humid temperatures, creating conditions for plant and animal species to grow, and an abundant food source. Animals mate and reproduce. Many babies born before the summer solstice have grown up, can go to find food, be independent for their own life…

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In addition, plants and animals also store energy to prepare for the dry season. All create an extremely vivid and interesting picture of nature. For people, the summer solstice is the period when farmers work the land and prepare for the upcoming new crop.

At this time, the heat was fierce, the field work therefore became more miserable and harder. After humans planted trees, weed species also began to grow rapidly.

Hot and humid climate conditions, more rain make them more widespread. That’s why the farmer has one more job to do is weeding, taking care of the field, not letting the weeds grow to encroach on the light and nutrients of the plants.

Another feature is that during the summer solstice, erratic weather changes easily lead to people being infected with diseases such as flu, heatstroke, colds, dengue fever, malaria, environmental pollution… Therefore, they We need to actively prevent disease to ensure the best health.

4. The meaning of the summer solstice according to feng shui

From the perspective of energy, qi field, yin and yang and the five elements, the summer solstice takes place in the middle of the fifth lunar month of the month with the astrology of the Horse, corresponding to the hexagram Ly in the South, temperature, and light. High creates different advantages and disadvantages for human life

People born in this month Fire Qi is very prosperous, often with some pretty outstanding characteristics in personality such as enthusiasm, agility, vivacity, flexibility, wisdom, politeness, respect for order, rules of conduct. , has a quick manner, some others are hot-tempered, hasty, hasty, melancholy, sentimental, difficult to control their emotions…

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In terms of health, when Fire Qi is prosperous along with complicated changes in weather, it is necessary to pay attention to blood diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, stroke, heart disease, dengue fever, viral fever, and colds. . Should avoid rain, go to work early in the morning, take advantage of the cool weather, leave early, go to work late in the afternoon, rest late. Should reduce the amount of oil, fat, salt in food, limit stimulants or hot spicy foods, should increase drinking water, use cool foods to regulate the body. Avoid sudden temperature changes (being in hot showers with cold water, being in an air-conditioned room out into the environment, or being outside in the hot air to launch the air conditioner, prone to heatstroke and severe colds)

– Those who are lucky to meet the Fire element will benefit and prosper during this time, their psychology and health are very good, their career, fortune, and advancement. health, psychology is not good, work and fortune are difficult, easy to get angry, irritable, inhibited, conflict with people around

– The occupations during this time are often not favorable for construction because the weather is hot and rainy, which affects the quality and efficiency of the work. So many people choose the time to build in the dry season, which will be more effective.


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