What is the title of Coo?

What is COO? Many people may confuse COO with CEO because both have high positions in an organization. Therefore, in this article, webgiaidap.com will help you learn more about COO and distinguish between these two titles. At the same time, we will find out what it takes to become a good COO.

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What is COO?

COO is an acronym for “Chief Operating Officer”., in the Vietnamese sense, this is also the CEO. This person will take over the day-to-day running of a business. The COO will be responsible for reporting to CEO CEO.

In a company, the COO is second only to the CEO. With some COO corporations also known as executive vice president.


COO is the CEO and second only to the CEO

Difference between COO & CEO

Because both are called CEO, many people are confusing these two titles. However, in Vietnam, CEO is used for General Director. In the West, in large-scale companies like corporations, the CEO has the most important role for a company, this person holds executive & decision-making duties for all activities of the company. . In other words, the CEO is the supreme leader of the company.

With COO, this person has a role & power under the CEO, the COO will work with other senior officers of a company such as CFO – CFO, CTO – CTO. The COO is responsible for reporting directly to the CEO.

Simply understand this difference: the CEO is the General Director and the COO is the Deputy General Director. Not every company has a COO, this depends on the size, whether the organization has regulations or not, and due to the demand and workload, it is necessary to have a COO to share less work for the CEO.

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The CEO is the General Director and the COO is called the Deputy General Director

What is the role of the COO?

The role of the COO is not fixed in one role for different companies. Depending on the field and industry, the role of the COO will be different. It is very difficult to capture the full role of the COO. But basically

The role of the COO includes:

Monitor the day-to-day operations of a company and notify the CEO of important events. Create strategy and company operating policies. Implement strategies suggested by CEO. alignment between company goals and employees. Human resource management performance supervisorCOOs may also be responsible for production or research and development or even marketing.


The role of the COO is very important, not fixed in any role depending on the industry

What qualifications do you need to become a COO?

Not every company needs a COO, but once it is, the criteria for selecting a COO are not average. Specifically:

Criteria to become a COO

A person who can become a COO is also someone who needs to have extensive experience in the field in which the company operates and must regularly, at least 15 years of experience. Requires leadership and management skills by COO is also bearer responsibility for operating, managing human resources or approaching situations from a creative point of view.

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Principles to be a good COO

To become a good COO is not easy at all, you will need your own principles. So try to apply and refer to the principles that we give below.

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No1: Ask the question what to do?

One of the factors that determines the success of a good leader is this issue. If you can’t ask this question, maybe a COO . executive director will not have the power & influence as desired because the effect you create is not much.

When you ask the question “what needs to be done”, you will determine the most feasible task, don’t be foolish to split it up to do it all because lack of focus and concentration will make you “diluted” “. Set priorities for solving tasks, do not deviate from that order to prioritize more important tasks.

No2: Consider “what is the right thing for the business?”

You will need to ask questions and see what is best for this business. Especially for family business executives, especially in terms of human resources.

Follow the principle that, when a family member gets a promotion or holds a more important position, he or she must be more deserving than others not in the family. Pay attention to clear evaluation to avoid “father’s descendants”

Prioritize the interests of the business first. Although sometimes working can be emotional, remember to prioritize the interests of the business.


To become a good COO, you need to study and stay alert in all decisions

No3: Let’s build a successful plan

If you do not translate your knowledge and expertise into action, it will probably be wasted. The way to show expertise and capacity is to plan. Think about the results you want, think about possible limitations & difficulties, what are the issues to consider and how to adjust in the future, what points need to be checked or need to have a plan to allocate the most reasonable time.

A plan is a statement, not a commitment or rigid commitment. The action plan should be reviewed regularly based on changes in the environment, business market or personnel in an enterprise.

No4: Need to be ready to take responsibility for decisions

Because the COO is also the person who has the power to decide on some issues and does not always have to consult the CEO. However, this issue has two sides and of course when you make a wrong decision, bravely face the responsibility.

However, to avoid risks, the advice for COO is to carefully consider different issues, calculate carefully to avoid the risk of failure or causing great damage to the company.

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No5: Focus on opportunities

As a good COO, the opportunity is also the problem that needs to be grasped. The opportunity to succeed, the opportunity to develop the company… is the way to show the ability, sensitivity and intelligence of a COO. Although the COO’s authority is behind the CEO, you can also seize the opportunity if it helps the company grow effectively. And through the CEO, show that the opportunity you take is right.


This is exactly what we want you to understand What is COO?? Through the above information, hopefully you will understand more about COO, understand their importance and know what to do to become a good COO. If you need advice or have any questions, please contact webgiaidap.com according to the following information:


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