What is Tiktok? The first knowledge about tiktok you need to know!

What is Tiktok, which country’s Tik Tok application? TiktokAs an application with a diverse music video platform with beautiful effects, Tik Tok is a Chinese app. Initially, the Chinese Tik Tok software was just a small application, but gradually Tik Tok has been developed and spread quickly and strongly like major social networks among young people.

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What is Tik Tok software, how to install and use the Chinese Tik Tok application

New Tik Tok video sharing and social networking trend from China Now Tik Tok application has become one of the leading social networks around the world with the number of downloads and users up to several hundred million people. The attraction of Tik Tok software is the diverse topics, updated every day, a treasure of extremely hot songs and extremely unique video editing details. Join webgiaidap.com to see what Tik Tok software is, what are the good points that young people are so crazy about. Currently, not only young people, but the Tik Tok application also has a great influence on celebrities, pulling them into the colorful world that Tik Tok opens. It is not difficult to see a series of keywords related to Chinese Tik Tok software on online newspapers as well as hundreds of videos uploaded to social networks every day from young people. With the Tik Tok application, you can unleash your creativity with diverse and unique video styles, effects, colors, and music, not just a form of entertainment.but they also help users express their unique personality. This is a very cool thing that not all modern software can do. Perhaps that is what attracts young people to the increasingly crowded Chinese Tik Tok social network. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application?

So what exactly is Tik Tok software? Tik Tok is an application on the phone also known as DouyinIn Sino-Vietnamese, “Head sound” means short video. Accordingly, users once registered for an account can start roaming in the colorful world of Tik Tok. Most of the videos on Chinese Tik Tok are only quite short in duration, ranging from a few seconds to 15 seconds, similar to existing video software. However, it possesses quite terrible characteristics compared to the rest of the competitors, that is, users can freely imagine and express themselves through each video. Tik Tok is an application on the phone also known as Douyin in Sino-Vietnamese. The store has catchy sounds, unique effects and especially Stickers using AI technology that bring life to each video with the recognition function. represent body movements. And one of the hottest features to date is lip-syncing, which you can see a lot on social networks. Also new features like Duet,Gaga Dance MachineAlso introduced by the manufacturer for 2 users to interact at the same time. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application? It can be said that Tik Tok software has turned a smart but monotonous smartphone into an extremely modern and creative miniature studio for users to freely express their ideas and personality.

What is Tik Tok trend? The Chinese Tik Tok trend appeared when this application was used by a series of young people and uploaded their videos to popular social networks. The novelty has attracted and drawn a large number of users to form a trend. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application?

What is Tik Tok music? In fact, this is a concept only about the diverse music or audio stores available on the Tik Tok application, which may be familiar to users, but those who do not know it will be very difficult to understand. Most of the songs on Tik Tok are quickly searched for the most.

What is playing Tik Tok? This is a phrase that refers to the action of recording your funny and funny videos on Tik Tok software, then editing and posting them on your social networks for everyone to see. Although there are many versions around the world such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai versions of Tik Tok, they are almost all the same. Playing Tik Tok is a phrase that refers to the action of recording your funny and funny videos on Tik Tok software

What is Tik Tok social network? Similar to Facebook, Tik Tok application has quickly developed and built into a large community for users to make friends and interact with each other more easily. It’s called Tik Tok social network. Although now in each country there will be a different social network, but in general they are still referred to as Tik Tok social networks.

What is Follow Tik Tok? Because they are a community similar to Facebook or Instagram, the way they work is also very similar. With Tik Tok, if you come across interesting, creative videos and feel impressed with the person who made it, you just need to click Follow to follow their next videos and interact with them more easily.

Who is the founder of Tik Tok application? The process of forming and developing Tik Tok Tik Tok application was launched in September 2016 by Truong Nhat Minh, the founder of Top Article. Today, it is the leading short video platform in Asia, and has established itself as the fastest growing app in the world, with the largest music video community globally. Before becoming the hottest phone application like today, Tik Tok software has also gone through a long way. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application? – In January 2017, it received several million RMB seed investment from Toutiao Group. In September 2017, it started to expand to the Indonesian market. – November 2017, TikTok’s parent company,Beijing Bytedance Technologybought Musical.ly, a popular Chinese short music video social platform. TikTok’s parent company, Beijing Bytedance Technology, acquired Musical.ly – January 23, 2018, the app ranked #1 among free mobile app downloads on app stores in Thailand. – In February 2018, TikTok partnered with Modern Sky to monetize music. – On August 2, 2018, TikTok merged their app with musicals to create a “bigger and better video community”. They keep the TikTok name, and both app users have joined to continue creating on one platform.

Who is the majority of users of Tik Tok application? What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application? Up to now, few mobile applications have attracted such a diverse audience and Tik Tok has been very successful in doing so after only a short time on the market. You can easily come across a series of unique videos on social networks from young people to girls and boys aged 13-14. The audience is so diverse and Tik Tok has They are very successful in doing that. Every day they can spend a little of their time being creative, relaxing by filming interesting videos showing their personality or sharing their joys and hobbies with everyone around them. around. It can be said with Chinese Tik Tok, there is no limit for everyone, regardless of age or gender, just need to have passion, creativity, and a bit of technology knowledge.You will easily create unique videos with a personal touch.

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How is the development speed of Tik Tok application?

According to data provided to CNBC by Sensor Tower, a leading app analytics platform based in San Francisco, TikTok was downloaded more than 104 million times on Apple’s app store in the first half of 2018. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application? That means it overtook Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to become the most downloaded iOS app in the world during that time period. The app reached 150 million daily active users (500 million monthly active users) in June 2018 and was the most downloaded app in the world in the first quarter of 2018, with an estimated 45 ,8 million downloads. This is quite an achievement that not all mobile applications can achieve in the same amount of time. Tik Tok has overtaken Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to become the most downloaded iOS app China’s Tik Tok social network now has more than 45 million daily users, more than any other platform. Bytedance also expands its footprint in the global market, especially in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. In Thailand, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app on the App Store in January 2018. By March, the app had totaled 10 million downloads, equivalent to 15% of the country’s population. And Tik Tok Vietnam is winning the hearts of most young people to become one of the leading social networking applications.

Why has Tik Tok software become the hottest application today?

There are many reasons leading to the phenomenon of “Chinese Tik Tok”. According to media outlet KrAsia, Tik Tok’s success in the overseas market is due to the localization of its marketing campaign and content. For example, in Thailand, Tik Tok launched festival stickers dedicated to festivals in the country, attracting more than 40,000 installs and uses in 3 weeks. Besides, Tik Tok also has a network of celebrities, influencing young people throughout the region. They shake hands with characters who have more than 100,000 fans/followers, especially someone who owns millions of “fans”. The company also invests heavily in marketing by “following” popular stars. Along with that are the salient factors as follows:

Easily create your own videos TikTok offers a set of tools that allow anyone with a smartphone to easily create a 15-second clip, bearing each individual’s own creative stamp. This toolkit includes an extensive background music library and diverse image filters. At the same time, this application also provides a button to hold the phone, allowing users to both record clips and answer calls.

The charm of creative ideas Many clips on the app became a popular trend thanks to the creative performances. The most typical of the popular trends is the Halu Halu movement, also known as “Put your chin on your hand.” Not only has received the response of young people, but also a series of famous stars such as talent and talent. Prince Lee Jong Suk, handsome male god Nam Joo Hyuk, powerful YG Black Pink girls and many famous Vbiz male and female artists also participated in posting lovely clips following this trend.

Boost sales from content creation TikTok allows users to attach product links to their videos, helping to seamlessly transition from content to e-commerce. For example, Ye Shi Xiao Ge, one of the influential users on the TikTok platform, famous for his clips of eating wild food has created his own product.

Build topics and create leading trends for users The application creates thematic hashtags for users to follow, such as the trend “Tchutchatcha”, “Beautyguru”, “Poselikeapro”… These trends have created a wide influence in many Asian countries, especially in Asia. Looks like Vietnam. Understanding this, many brands also quickly create their own hashtags, to call on users to create topics and encourage them with individual contests, short clips with attractive rewards. From there, they can immediately get millions of followers, turn participants into their own communication staff naturally and effectively without spending too much money on brand PR.

Is Tik Tok addictive?

Perhaps one of the most important features of Tik Tok is… the audience. Unlike platforms like YouTube, where videos only play when you press the Play button, with Tik Tok, you just need to swipe between clips and the content will be played automatically. When something isn’t interesting or engaging enough, simply move on to the next by quickly scrolling across the screen. In fact, webgiaidap.com learned, according to researchers and managers, Tik Tok can be addictive. Just last month, Tik Tok was forced to add a feature to warn users if used only to view content for 90 minutes continuously. However, that cannot stop the terrible growth of Chinese Tik Tok. According to Sohu statistics, the number of daily active users on Tik Tok in February was 66 million users. Moreover, statistics from Sensor Tower show that Tik Tok has surpassed 45 million downloads in the first 3 months of this year, ranking at number 1 in the list of most downloaded apps on the App Store in the first quarter of 2018. This is a very eloquent demonstration of the influence and addictive power of the Tik Tok application on users, isn’t it?

How does Tik Tok make money?

Chinese companies are expected to spend about $8.8 billion on advertising on video-sharing platforms. This is 5 times more than in 2013 but the effect is that Generation Z (those born after 2000) are more attracted to these ads. The current revenue of Chinese Tik Tok comes from 2 activities. With the display of ads, they are providing 2 types: ads that play when opening the application and ads that are displayed with a business account. However, the biggest revenue comes from helping businesses create ads like a normal video. Depending on the number of clicks on the ad, the average price per impression is being charged 1 Yuan (about 3,500 VND). In addition, Tiktok also tells its customers that they are using artificial intelligence to analyze the display and optimize viewers for ads.

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Is it possible to make money on Tik Tok?

The large number of users has brought Tik Tok a fairly stable source of income and is expected to grow quite strongly in the future. So can users make money from Tik Tok? Currently, Tik Tok is developed and many Vietnamese Tik Tok users are due to the lip-syncing movements created. These lip sync videos are re-shared on Facebook and Youtube. So this is another good opportunity for Youtube channels to make money from taking videos from Tik Tok and synthesizing them. Making money from Tik Tok is not easy. In order for you to make money on Tik Tok, you need to have a large number of followers. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application? Especially need to be creative to make videos with strong appeal. Once you have a large following, your influence will extend beyond the Tik Tok app. There will be brands or businesses that will hire you to put ads in the videos you make. This is how to promote products through Influencer. The form of influencer marketing is being expanded not only in Tik Tok but also on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. If they are really popular and charismatic, each ad will bring the influencer thousands of dollars. You really have another easier way to make money with Tik Tok that is to repost celebrity videos on platforms like Youtube. Because making money with Youtube is still a very good and attractive form today.

Can Tik Tok’s popularity last? However, such success is not necessarily smooth with Tik Tok. According to Technode, in addition to being addictive, the app was criticized earlier this year for allegedly banning the Peppa Pig cartoon character from appearing on its platform. What is Tik Tok, which country's Tik Tok application? The developer of Tik Tok China later denied all allegations. The story above reflects the problems that an app that suddenly “pops like alcohol” can face alongside the Chinese government’s strict censorship of internet content. Just earlier this year, another short video app by ByteDance, Neihan Duanzi, was shut down for allegedly spreading “offensive content”. Accordingly, whether Tik Tok can maintain its current form or not depends greatly on the producer and on creative and constantly changing ideas to give users enjoyment without being bored. . If you can reinvent yourself and always be a trendsetter, then the Chinese Tik Tok software will surely always be the most popular and influential application among young people, as it is today. So webgiaidap.com has explained in detail what the Tik Tok application is as well as all the information around the hottest application today. If you have not yet joined the Tik Tok community and start becoming a super trend catcher!


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