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If you’ve ever worked with the command line, you probably know man (manual). In my opinion, man is extremely useful for families system management in particular and programmer Generally speaking. But is man really useful for beginners? Have you ever read the manual of the tar command and still don’t understand how to decompress a bzip file? Let’s learn tldr to make your life easier.

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What is tldr?

tldr (TL;DR) is a slang word that stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read“. Its meaning translates roughly as It’s too long to read more ???? .

For me, man’s manual is very detailed, but sometimes does it for me hard to understand And after reading it, it just gives me a headache waste time but didn’t help much, so I went back to google search. For example, if you run the command man tar, you will have the following output:

NAME tar — The GNU version of the tar archiving utilitySYNOPSIS tar <-> A –catenate –concatenate | c –create | d –diff –compare | –delete | r –append | t-list | –test-label | u –update | x –extract –getDESCRIPTION Tar stores and extracts files from a tape or disk archive. The first argument to tar should be a function; either one of the letters Acdrtux, or one of the long function names. A function letter need not be prefixed with “-“”, and may be combined with other single-letter options.

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A long function name must be prefixed with –. Some options take a parameter; with the single-letter form these must be given as separate arguments. With the long form, they may be given by appending =value to the option.FUNCTION LETTERS Main operation mode: -A, –catenate, –concatenate append tar files to an archive -c, –create create a new archive -d, – diff, –compare find differences between archive and file system I swear if you don’t type commands all day, you can’t remember out of options of tar. Here are the results when typing tldr tar:


Quickly learn every command with tldr 2

As you can see, the manual of tldr aimed at non-specialist users or someone who doesn’t have enough brain space to remember all the commands (like me). It’s listed out most common cases including example statementsyour job is just to copy/paste and modify it to fit your context.

Install and use tldr

tldr is a node package, so you can install it with the following command:

$ npm install -g tldr If you don’t have npm yet, learn how to install npm first. To check if tldr has been installed successfully, use the command:$ tldr –version Using tldr is similar to man and is quite simple: $ tldr # example:$ tldr zip Hope this article will help you one day to type comfortably without having to search google anymore. Have fun!au>


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