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what trimming means, definition, usage and examples in English. How to pronounce trimming native accent. Synonyms, antonyms of trimming.

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English-Vietnamese Dictionary



* noun

orderly arrangement

cutting, cutting, pruning, pruning (tree); planing, hewing (wood)

adornment; jewelry

(nautical) stowage for ship scales; the rotation (sail) in the direction of the wind

(plural) herbs on a plate of food

(plural) extras

to tell the truth without any trimmings

(plural) mutilated, mutilated

(colloquial) rebuke, scolding; fight

(colloquial) the choice to please both parties; nature of waiting time

English-Vietnamese Dictionary – Specialization


* economy


level up


the rearranging of goods in the ship

the rearranging of goods in the ship, the trimming and cutting

* Skill

column pedestal







planing (wood)

clipping (tree)

cutting edge

assembly (components in a wooden frame)


finishing shaping (for pavement)




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