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True Tone is one of the technologies that Apple has developed to help users get the best visual experience. True Tone was first introduced on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in 2016, then inherited on devices such as iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, and today is “available” on the best MacBook models of the company. the firm. So what is True Tone technology, let’s find out with HALO today.

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What is True Tone?

True Tone is a technology that will measure the brightness and temperature of the surrounding environment, then automatically adjust the white balance and brightness to match the light around you so that the color of the screen you see is always the best. Contemplation regardless of conditions makes the experience more natural, more accurate, more like “looking on paper”, this will help your eyes not get tired.


How is True Tone different from Night Shift

In the iOS 9.3 update, Apple has included a small but essential feature for many smartphone or tablet users, which is the Night Shift feature. Many users still mistakenly believe that True Tone is similar to Night Shift because it has the same function of adjusting screen light, but True Tone technology is completely different from the Night Shift feature.

This Night Shift feature uses the clock as well as positioning to adjust the screen colors to be warmer when it’s dark. Its essence is to reduce the intensity of blue light emitted by the screens of devices – which irritates the brain and can make you lose sleep, thereby making the screen of your iPhone or iPad become yellowish and help you sleep better. You sleep easier.

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True Tone displays rely on sensors that measure ambient light and are responsible for processing and adjusting color and contrast to match what you’re seeing on the screen. Normally, white content will turn blue when exposed to warm, indoor light, and True Tone’s goal is to correct that to make it easier on the eyes to use. True Tone can be considered as an upgraded version of Night Shift, when it can see the light around you, making this feature work more perfectly. In addition, users can optionally turn on and off True Tone 24/24, and with the Night Shift feature, it can only be used in the morning and at night.


How to activate True Tone

Instructions on how to turn on / off True Tone On iPhone, iPad:

Go to Settings, select Display and brightness (Display & Brightness).


To enable or disable True Tone, turn the relevant switch to the on or off position.


Or you swipe down the screen (new models or pull up the screen (old models) to show the control center panel, hold down the brightness bar and select True Tone on/off


Instructions on how to turn on / off True Tone On MacBook:

Click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select System Preferences.


Next, click the Show Image preferences pane.


Select the “True Tone” tab and then mark or uncheck the “True Tone” check box to enable or disable the feature.


What device is True Tone equipped on?

With outstanding features, True Tone technology gradually becomes a default technology that must be included in new Apple products at launch. In addition to Apple products, the company also equips this technology for extended screens to make it easier to use. At the present time, there are only 3 models of expansion monitors that support True Tone technology, including Apple Thunderbolt Display, LG Ultra Fine 5K and LG Ultra Fine 4K.

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In general, it can be seen that True Tone is a technology with great potential and usefulness for users’ health and can support additional 3rd-party expansion devices. True Tone technology will be of great help to those who use it. who use devices every day and have to move around in a variety of work environments.

Experience True Tone on iMac 2020

Recently, Apple has equipped this True Tone technology on its latest 27-inch iMac 2020, will this bring new breakthroughs or help the work process? Let’s find the answer with HALO in the video of True Tone experience on iMac 2020!


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