What is unity in english?

The International Day of Human Solidarity (December 20) is an occasion to remind us of the importance of solidarity in the implementation and achievement of international goals, such as the action plans of the international conferences and multilateral agreements.

United (v) /juːˈnaɪt/ Solidarity

Unity is strength /juːˈnaɪt, ɪz, əz, streŋθ/: Unity is strength

National unity: National unity

Solidarity: Solidarity

The United: Solidarity

Loss of unity: Loss of unity

English vocabulary through idioms, slogans about solidarity

International Human Solidarity Day (December 20) is a day dedicated to celebrating our unity and diversity, raising public awareness of the importance of solidarity, Let’s HocHay. com discover some English idioms and slogans right now!

English vocabulary through solidarity idioms


United we stand, divided we fall :

United We Stand divided the dead

A swallow can’t make a summer:

One swallow doesn’t make a spring

Where there is unity there is always victory:

Where there is unity, there is victory

Together we can change the world:

One tree should not be young – Three trees together make a high mountain

The leaves protect tattered ones: Good leaves protect torn ones

United we stand, divided we fall: United we stand, divide us fall

All for one, and one for all: Everyone for one person, one person for everyone

English vocabulary through the slogan solidarity


Unity is strength: Unity is strength

we are one: we are one

Together we can: Together we can do it

Impossible is nothing: Nothing is impossible

Unite never die: Unity never dies

We are a family: We are a family

Strength, successful connection: Connecting strength, connecting successfully

A pile of dead is better than living alone: ​​A pile of dead is better than living alone

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