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What is vector graphics? What are the characteristics of vector images? To better understand graphic design software, it is imperative that users understand the above basics. If you are hearing these concepts for the first time, let’s find out with UNICA in the article below.

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What is vector graphics?

People often equate vector graphics, vector designs and vector images with each other. Because of this, it makes it difficult for the listener to understand. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish each of the different aspects of vector graphics in order to understand its essence. As follows:

What is a Vector Image?

To make it easier to visualize, a Vector image should be called a Vector design. This is a product in the field of Vector graphic design. Vector images are created from basic objects, images, and bounding points. They use algorithms to blend colors, based on previously generated bounding points.


Vector images are created from basic objects, images and bounding points

What is Vector Image? Unlike a Bitmap image, a Bitmap image is an image made up of an infinite number of squares, each square is called a Pixel and will display with a corresponding color. The process of combining squares will form a separate image. In which, the density of squares on an image is called pixel density. And the display device will call the resolution.

Vector graphics are made up of algorithms, while Bitmaps are an orderly arrangement of pixels. Mastering and creating products of Vector images is very important for the field of graphic design.


– An image is called a Vector image when it is created by Vector software and saved as a Vector file.

– A Vector design converted to Bitmap format is a Bitmap image, at this point, that image is no longer a Vector.

– For newcomers, it is difficult to distinguish between a Vector image and a photograph that is different. Vector image is an image saved in Vector format (pdf, CMD, AI …)

What are Vector Graphics?

So, what is Vector graphics? Vector graphics is a term that refers to a field, using Vector graphics software to create quality Vector products or images. A Vector image is an image created from an infinite collection of different Vector objects. Each Vector object will be represented on the color blend through algorithms. From this basis, it will create points, corresponding limit lines.

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Basic features of Vector images

Made up of algorithms

This is considered one of the basic features of Vector images. Vector images are made up of algorithms, based on points, limit lines, and colors to be blended. Accordingly, they are made up of basic shapes such as curves, lines and text.


Vector graphics is a term that refers to a field, using Vector graphics software

Vector images are made up of a multitude of different objects

A Vector object is created from the process of arranging countless basic geometric objects together. Each Vector image is a combination of an infinite number of Vector objects.

Vector Zoom image is not broken

The feature of Vector images is that the zoom is not broken, so you can save it in Vector format, the size will not be any problem. No matter how you zoom or zoom, the image quality will not be affected.

Under what circumstances should Vectors be used?

Once you have grasped the concept of Vector graphics, what is it? you need to know which objects should use Vector to apply properly. In which, in some cases, because of the characteristics, the image quality cannot be changed during the process of zooming in or out. Therefore, Vector image files are chosen by many people, especially for use cases for printing, applying in the process of designing brand identity, or advertising publications…

Some other cases use Vector images to print an image file with a size of a few millimeters or a very large size, then the image quality is not affected. However, large enough equipment is required to be able to perform the operations of that job. Moreover, it is not always possible to use Vector image files, so you need to be aware of this issue.


The characteristic of Vector images is that the zoom is not broken

To create good quality images and become a professional graphic designer, you need to master the basic knowledge of Illustrator, Coreldraw… and work hard to master more skills. new.

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In the article on UNICA helped you answer questions about what is the concept of Vector graphics? Basic features of Vector… Hopefully with the above useful information, it will help you in your learning and working process. To be more advanced and specialized, you can attend more design courses from leading experts in Unica!

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