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Vietinbank provides VietinBank iPay service on electronic devices to help customers manage their personal accounts most effectively with just one touch.

To help customers easily manage their accounts as well as make transactions quickly, VietinBank provides VietinBank iPay service with attractive utilities. So what is VietinBank iPay? What are the features and utilities that so many people register to use?

What is VietinBank iPay?

VietinBank iPay is one of VietinBank’s electronic banking services for individuals and organizations that have an ATM card account or a payment deposit at VietinBank. It’s the service Internet Banking of VietinBank helping customers perform transactions such as inquiry, transfer, bill payment, loan repayment, online savings, remittances… through Internet Banking.

This service is available for Internet-connected electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.


VietinBank iPay service brings many conveniences

Outstanding features of VietinBank Ipay

With iPay VietinBank, you will be able to easily manage your account with information such as the balance on the card, the most recent transactions of the card. Transactions are done quickly, anytime, anywhere, minimizing travel time for customers.
Besides, with the diversity in access methods on many devices such as laptops, phones, and mobile phones, it is convenient for customers to use. Finally, financial transactions are secured based on leading advanced technology, so you can rest assured that your information will not be stolen.

Outstanding features of VietinBank Ipay:

Online account management: Helps query and manage account information, look up card usage history. Buy phone scratch cards from supporting carriers such as Viettel, MobiPhone, Vinaphone, … as well as game cards of Zing, Oncash, Genera, … with denominations from 10,000 VND to 500,000 VND. Online transfer for same-bank or inter-bank accounts.

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Transfer money to recipient’s phone number with a minimum amount of 1,000 VND/transaction and maximum 3,000,000 VND/transaction and maximum 10,000,000 VND/day. Deposit term savings online. Pay bills for electricity, airplane, phone, internet, telecommunications. Support for normal loan repayment, credit card debt payment, Western Union remittance or insurance purchase…
Have the opportunity to receive promotions and discounts from strategic partners of VietinBank.

Looking for more information:

Saving money on iPay VietinBank – Fast deposit, attractive interest rate Transfer money online in a jiffy with VietinBank iPay Instructions for using VietinBank’s Ipay online payment service

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Outstanding features of VietinBank iPay

VietinBank iPay service fee schedule

Transaction Charges Register to use the service Free Service maintenance fee 8,800 VND/month (VAT included) Look up bank information Free Look up account information Free Transfer to the same bank 1,100 VND (delivery). less than 1 million VND) 2,200 VND (from 1-3 million VND) 3,300 VND (from 3-50 million VND) 0.01% of transaction amount for transactions over 50 million VND Other bank transfer 9,900 VND with amount less than 50 million VND 0.01% of transaction amount for transactions over 50 million VND Transfer money to phone number 3,300 VND/transaction. Loan repayment at VietinBank Free Credit card repayment at VietinBank Free Deposit online savings Free Pre-payment online savings Free Online charity donation Free Electricity and water bill payment Free Fees Pay for air tickets Free Pay for landlines, wireless landlines, homephones, postpaid mobile phones. Free Prepaid mobile top-up Free TV bill payment Free ADSL Internet bill payment Free Buy some insurance Free OBU device top-up (automatic toll card) Free Receive Free Western Union remittances

Instructions for registering and using VietinBank iPay

To use iPay VietinBank, you need to know the following user regulations:

User object

This service is only applicable to customers who have E-Partner accounts and payment deposits (CAs) opened at VietinBank Customers must register for Vietinbank’s IPay service Customers must accept all conditions of use of VietinBank

How to register Vietinbank iPay

Step 1: If you do not have a Vietinbank account, you need to open a payment account before registering for online banking at the nearest Vietinbank transaction office.

If you already have an account, you just need to bring your card and ID card to the nearest VietinBank branch or transaction office and ask the staff to open a Vietinbank Ipay account integrated with your existing payment account.

Step 2: Fill out all information in the bank’s form such as full name, account number, date of birth, email to receive information…

The bank staff after having your full information will provide you with information about the account number and password. You can use VietinBank Ipay immediately by visiting the website HERE or downloading the Vietin iPay App to your mobile phone:

App download link:

Android operating system iOS operating system

Instructions for using VietinBank iPay

For details on how VietinBank iPay can check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, etc., please refer to the following article:

Instructions for using Internet Banking VietinBank

Just register once, you have the whole bank at your fingertips, can make transactions anytime, anywhere. VietinBank iPay has opened up a new generation of electronic banking, helping customers to have a better experience. Why not try Vietinbank Ipay today?

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