What is Vietnamese case study?

a detailed account giving information about the development of a person, group, or thing, especially in order to show general principles:

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a case study on/of/in sth The town can be seen as an interesting case study on the effects of globalization.
In each case study area a large number of in-depth consultations were held with current and former participants.
While these chapters reference is made to vignettes and case studies of residents who died in the 12 case study homes.
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A third case study is included in order to demonstrate the technique capability in simulating multilink manipulators.
As a case studyin this paper we present a systematic study of the relationship between normalization and types.
Each domain is described with a review of research in the area, followed by a case study of particular interaction practices relevant to the domain.
There is a paucity of case study material which examines older people working for a particular employer over a decade or more.
This is a case study of a public sector company that has good reason to prove the exception in its employment of older people.

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someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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