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Movie Avengers: Infinity War is “hooking up” on the movie box office charts around the world talking about an alliance of many superheroes with supernatural powers and special abilities, united to protect humanity. from dangers threatening peace and survival.

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This movie is not simply an entertaining movie. Indeed, the Avengers series has always been a modern “myth” school of works, where the notions of justice, the line between good and evil, and the meaning of human existence people etc hidden behind the beautiful action scenes and the visual effects mesmerize the viewer.

One of the underlying concepts in the Avengers series is a concept of self-directed justice, or as Pop Law prefers to call it, vigilante justice or vigilantism.

What is vigilantism?

The main superheroes in the Avengers group are not policemen, soldiers, or government officials. There are a few people like Captain America or War Machine who were in the military, but not anymore.

In terms of legal status, except for a robot, an alien, and other heads of state, the Avengers alliance members are all US citizens (or citizens allowed to settle in the US).

Therefore, through a legal lens, when using force and violence to fight evil forces to protect humanity, Avengers superheroes are “ordinary” citizens using their own powers. them to prevent crimes, protect peace for society, for people.

That is, regardless of whether their state allows it or not, superheroes are still partly doing jobs normally reserved for national law enforcement: police, armed forces, security, or the army.

Of course, the basic idea of ​​the “superhero” genre of cultural products is there should be superheroes! Because they are the only individuals who can fight off the supernatural evil forces that are coming to threaten humans, which are often the main plot or plot of this cultural product.

The police, security, and military forces in the Marvel Universe of the Avengers series are still there. They are the forces appointed by the state to do security and order work, and are “fed” with state budget money, which comes from people’s taxes. But that doesn’t mean they automatically have special abilities, such as jumping from planet to universe in order to catch up with a giant bald monster who loves jewelry. gemstone.

Inside the Marvel Universe there are malicious forces with supernatural powers far beyond the ability of traditional law enforcement forces to stop and resist. That’s why the people of that universe need superheroes.


The Mexican vigilantes in the town of Ayutla patrol the streets against the forces of criminal gangs – Photo: washingtonpost.com

A most recent study by sociologist Amy Nivette of Utrecht University (Netherlands) gives us the most up-to-date explanations.

Using survey data from 18 Latin American countries, Nivette determined that the factor that most accurately determines the level of support for civil defense justice is the degree to which people support the legitimacy of national institutions. institutional legitimacy.

The more people support their country’s political and criminal justice institutions, the less likely they are to support civil defense justice. On the contrary, the more people believe that their police force is corrupt and illegal, the more they support civil defense justice.

The more citizens believe that the government should manage the country with an “iron hand” (ie people who already have a mentality to support autocracy), the more they support criminal punishments. severe, including violent forms of civil defense justice.

Factors that contribute to fostering high levels of public support for civil defense justice include feelings of economic insecurity and a lack of mutual trust in society.

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Who supervises the guardians? And who protects the guardians? What are the limitations of the responsibilities and rights of civil defense justice enforcers?

The phenomenon of civil defense justice does not just give us some projections of the state of the country.

This phenomenon itself is a problem that needs reasonable management from state policies and laws.

Furthermore, the way we perceive and treat civil defense justices says a lot about ourselves.

In many Western countries such as the UK or the US, the enforcement of civil defense justice, even if it is not illegal, is often discouraged by law enforcement forces. Often these forces will say that people should not interfere, because it will affect their work.

The concern here is not only the efficiency of the law enforcement forces, but also the safety of the people who are actively helping the law.

However, in Vietnam, the attitude of public authorities towards civil defense justice enforcers seems very different.

A Vietnamese police official in 2016 analyzed to the press that: “In Vietnam, unlike other countries, crime prevention is not the responsibility of the police alone, but of the entire people and the whole political system. .”

If this is true (not necessarily!) and should be done, then, as the official also said, “The police force will have to provide professional and legal guidance to the members involved. on how to operate, powers such as when to be apprehended and arrested to avoid overlapping and obstructing … “.eat>

Legislation for civil defense justice enforcement forces across the country appears to be incomplete.

In Binh Duong, the government in 2013 issued specific regulations on the organization and operation of crime prevention and control clubs in the province.

According to this regulation, the official in charge of the “hunting and robbery” force is the chief of the commune-level police station. Funding for the operation of this force will include many sources, including the state budget in case of insufficient expenditure.

Although quite detailed, this regulation does not say anything about supporting the “knights” when they face legal risks from cases of wrongfully arresting innocent people or in cases where the arrest of criminals is not enough. crime causing loss of life and property to citizens who did not participate in the robbery.

Mistakes are not non-existent. Last year, Phap Luat newspaper reported on a case of suspected wrongdoing, stemming from an arrest made by some “knights” in Saigon.

If a “knight” is unfortunate enough to arrest the wrong person and, because of his enthusiasm, seriously injures the arrested person, leading to the wrongfully arrested person demanding compensation for damage, then the crime prevention club of that “knight” have mechanisms to support compensation and help with legal protection?

And if there are too many cases of having to pay compensation for the negligence of the “knights”, how can the state agencies monitor and control that situation?

These are questions that need Vietnamese legislators to study as soon as possible.

Vietnam’s “street knights” are not as rich as billionaire Tony Stark or King T’Challa of the Marvel Universe.

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To the extent that civil defense justice still needs to be upheld in Vietnam for whatever reason, citizens voluntarily participating in the enforcement of that justice are not, and should never be seen, simply merely tools in the service of justice.

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