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Vipassana meditation is an ancient meditation practice, 2,500 years ago, originating in India, translated by Zen masters as “seeing things as they really are”. This is the secret to help bring relaxation and peace to the soul in a highly effective way.

Vipassana meditation is an ancient meditation practice, 2,500 years ago, originating in India, translated by Zen masters as “seeing things as they really are”. This is the secret to help bring relaxation and peace to the soul in a highly effective way.

Many people believe that those who follow religion, especially Buddhism, often have to sit quietly to recite sutras in order to practice meditation. In fact, vipassana meditation is a discipline that anyone, whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist or following any religion, can practice if there is a need and really have the will to practice.

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What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana (Meditation) originated in India, was born by Buddha. This is a type of meditation in which you focus your attention on one part of your body first, and then slowly shift your attention to the rest of the body. While practicing insight meditation, you are required to sit still, stand up straight, and be completely silent for a certain amount of time.


Great benefits of insight meditation

According to Buddhist history, thanks to regular practice of Vipassana meditation, thousands of years ago, monastics and ordinary people living in India were able to get rid of suffering, fatigue and stress in life. living.

The effect of meditation is to eliminate negative thoughts and actions and gain peace, joy, and positive energy in all daily activities and jobs. This is also a great value that meditation brings to people. Helps the mind to be calm, peaceful, open and airy. No more constrained, secretive in tension, fatigue, stress. Life is always about new, creative and positive things.

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Thanks to those great benefits that today, Vipassana has been introduced to many countries around the world such as Thailand, Myanmar, West Asian countries, Southeast Asia, including Vietnam… And Vipassana meditation is considered as the An art that brings joy and happiness to everyone. Therefore, more and more people all over the world are following this practice of insight meditation.


How to practice Vipassana meditation effectively?

Usually, when a new subject appears, people often sign up to practice in large numbers. Like yoga, gym, aerobics used to be popular for a while when it first appeared. For meditation courses, there are also many people who sign up to practice, but they are not mentally prepared or have not learned carefully about the courses, leading to the majority of people giving up midway or not practicing correctly. enough to not bring about the desired effect.

Currently, there are many centers, usually monasteries and pagodas related to Buddhism, that offer Vipassana meditation courses for a period of 1 week or 10 days, attracting a lot of participants. If you also want to register to practice and want to achieve the desired effects, then you yourself must really want to practice and pursue to lead a more positive and perfect life without being registered as a member. movement or for some spiritual thought.

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Because with meditation, when you are not focused and persistent enough, along with a steadfast will, you will not free yourself from the deadlocks and stress in life, but on the contrary, you can bring more problems. worry and insecurity. Therefore, before determining according to this subject, you must really research carefully and choose a reputable and secure meditation place.

Do not practice Vipassana meditation at home without understanding

Currently, there are many methods of Vipassana meditation on social networks and in the market there are many manuals for practicing this meditation. However, if you are a beginner, you should not practice at home through books or instructional videos, but should practice under the guidance of experienced meditation practitioners.


Once you have registered to practice, you should practice fully, not quit halfway. In particular, for many Vipassana courses, practitioners will not communicate with the outside, do not use phones or letters, but must keep themselves quiet and peaceful to achieve the desired effects. . After completing the training courses, every day you should also take time to meditate and meditate, at least 2 hours a day. This is an effective secret for you to have a satisfying life, healthy body, peace of mind, not respecting the value of life, cherishing the people you love…


Like all forms of meditation or other sports, Vipassana meditation only really brings health benefits if you persist in practicing it as a regular daily habit. Meditation may not be difficult, but it does require an investment of your time, space, and mind. However, when you have pursued it to the end, what you get in return is a thousand times more than expected, why not give it a try?

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